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New release: Fallen Avatar

My latest book and the third and final book in the Arkadia Saga has just been release. Check it out below.

Love is on the run.

Ella and Luc are now reunited as a couple, sifting through their past lives so they can stay one step ahead of their pursuers. After a high-stakes battle against Esme the Esrac Queen, they realise she’s not their only enemy. The Senate is seeking the death penalty against Luc and Ella for being magic users, forcing them to resort to desperate measures.

With the help of Adria, Ella’s estranged grandmother, Luc and Ella search high and low for the Valan, the mystical knights they believe will end Esme’s reign once and for all. But between Esme’s evil idea to raise an army of Esrac drones and Adria’s mysterious past and emotional distance, Ella discovers that her journey seems impossible now – unless she can pull off the greatest magic trick yet.

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