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The Andovia Chronicles

An outcast. Evil spirits. A fight for freedom.

Nyx Ashwood is a fae outcast. Living among a human tribe and working as a thief, she struggles to control her abilities to influence others and hear their thoughts.

She has no idea her abilities are magical. She believes they’re part of the curse that’s plagued her entire life. When she meets a trader, Nyx is warned to flee the realm because it’s no longer safe for her.

Darius Valeran, the son of the Archdruid, is sent on an ill-timed mission to find Nyx. But he has bigger problems to deal with— the veil between their world and the next is splintered. Evil spirits known as darklings have come through. If Darius doesn’t find Nyx soon and figure out if she can help their world may fall into darkness.

Can they find each other and find out what’s going on before it’s too late?




Magic lives within her…

Saved from death by the mysterious Darius, Nyx Ashwood faces an uncertain future, dealing with a power she never knew she had. As a Fae mind whisperer, she is the last of her kind.

Will she save the Fae or destroy them?  The Archdruid believes that Nyx is part of an ancient prophecy. The power within her could hold a key to all their futures, but Nyx has no idea how to use her powers, leaving them all in danger.

When a rift to the underworld opens, Darius needs Nyx’s help. If they don’t work together then the inhabitants of the Underworld could destroy their world.
Will Nyx master her powers in time? Or will she end up like the mind whisperers who came before her…extinct?




An elusive assassin. A desperate search. A powerful prophecy.

Nyx survived Darius’ evil step mother and now they’re ready to get on with their lives. Of course, nothing’s ever so easy.

Darius keeps an eye on his stepmother and learns she’s trying to bring back the Andovian queen who’s been dead for a century. People are being tortured and killed and an assassin is on the hunt…
As struggles mount, so do questions; including whether or not their relationship is more than mere friendship.

Struggling to find her place in the world as the last mind whisperer, Nyx continues to search for the key to unlocking her forgotten past. In the shadows, an assassin lurks, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Nyx must get a handle on her power, keep her wits about her, or forfeit not only her life, but possibly the entire realm.



Magic can be a blessing or curse…

No matter what realm you’re in magic can be dangerous but sometimes it’s the only thing that will keep you alive. Whether you’re druid, witch, pirate, fae, sorcerer, or immortal. Hidden Darkness includes tales from around the lower realms and they all include magic. From deadly dragons, fearsome pirates, immortal queens and glittering fae comes a collections of stories from around Andovia and its surrounding realms. Including:

Evil tyrant sorcerers who seek to control and destroy dragons.
Ancient dragons who aren’t supposed to exist anymore.
Swashbuckling female pirates seeking treasure.
An immortal fae queen who will stop at nothing to get her revenge.
A deadly assassin who never misses her mark.
And a fae who will never stop trying to find her family.



They’ve won one battle, but a bigger threat is on the horizon…

Nyx and Darius took on the Andovian Queen and won. For now. But a bigger threat is looming in the form of the Archdruid – Darius’ father. Determined to rule, he will do anything to succeed, including killing Nyx and her sisters.

A broken family fighting for the future…

Nyx has only just gotten her sisters back, she can’t lose them now. As they work to uncover their past, the sisters flee to the ancient city of Varden, but all is not as it seems. Can Nyx and Darius protect everyone from the Archdruid? Or will he succeed in breaking her family apart for good?