The Fey Guardian Series

 Memories Lost, Fey Guardian Series Book 1

Life is tough when you don’t know who or what you are

Zoe Finn has no memory of the first ten years of her life and struggles to find out who she is, and where she comes from. While Zoe battles with her inner demons, and against the world, a handsome stranger is going to change the course of her life.

Nick Trevelyan is the last guardian and enforces the law of the council of races – the Circle. Only he can help her find the answers she desperately seeks. While Zoe investigates the deaths of psychics, she is going to discover the dark secrets of her own past. Will she find out about her unusual abilities? And will the cruel world of fey let her know who she really is?




Memories Awakened, Book 2

Sometimes finding out who you are comes with a price.

Whilst Zoe struggles with her guardian training, her quest for her missing past continues. The more she looks, the more questions she finds. Impeding her search is the curse that not only protects her from physical harm but seems to prevent her from remembering the very memories she so desperately seeks. As she and her guardian partner, Nick, investigate a recent string of suicides, Zoe must watch her every move.

With a strange entity stalking her that seems connected to her past, unusual abilities and threats from all sides, Zoe knows she must recover her missing memories before it’s too late. But what kind of price will she have to pay? And if she finds her memories, will the answers be the ones she wants to find?




Memories Found, Book 3

How far would you go to find out who you really are?

After narrowly escaping being executed by the Circle for crimes she didn’t commit, Zoe Finn is now on the run and desperate to find the pieces to her missing past. When a witch casts a spell to undo the curse blocking her from her memories, Zoe wakes up on a strange island. With the Circle still hunting her, Zoe must navigate her way around the island, not knowing if the people there are friend or foe.

While her partner and fellow, Nick, desperately tries to find her, he faces a new problem. The barrier that locked away the world’s dark fey a century ago begins to crumble and an even darker force threatens to escape. Can Nick find Zoe in time and help her unravel her memories? And will the truth really be what Zoe wants to hear?