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The Fey Guardian Series

Memories Lost, Fey Guardian Series Book 1

Our memories are who we are.

But for Zoe Finn, it’s all a blur. She has no memory of the first ten years of her life. The world around her is shrinking as she’s pushed up against her own inner demons. It’s a daily struggle just to breathe – until a handsome stranger enters her life.

Nick Trevelyan can help Zoe put her life together. As the last guardian, he enforces the law of The Circle, the council of races. With him by Zoe’s side, there’s no telling what they’ll discover. And as Zoe investigates the mysterious deaths of psychics, the truth about her own past slowly crawls into the light. As her unusual abilities come into focus, Zoe learns more about herself than she ever thought possible.

Will she succeed in unraveling her mysterious past? Or will this cruel world keep her shrouded in darkness?            



Memories Awakened, Book 2

The past is never just the past.

Immersed in guardian training, Zoe Finn is still searching for the past she can’t remember. Her curse is also a blessing, one that protects her from physical harm while also suppressing the very memories she desperately seeks.

Her guardian partner, Nick Trevelyan, sticks by her side as they investigate a string of suicides. He plays the role of her fellow investigator, but if everything goes to plan, he’ll become much more than that.

Meanwhile, a strange entity connected to her mysterious past and her newfound abilities stalks her from the shadows. It’s a race against time as Zoe desperately searches for answers about her missing memories. There’s no turning back now. But the price is steep… and she’s going to climb the whole way up.



Memories Found, Book 3

The future is unwritten.

Now on the run after being framed and nearly executed by the Circle, Zoe Finn must find her forgotten memories or die trying. A witch’s spell removes the curse that’s afflicted Zoe for so long, leading to her waking up on a strange island.

But it’s no deserted paradise. The Circle is still out for her blood, and the island’s terrain is vast and unfamiliar. The inhabitants are complete strangers, with the line between friends and foes blurred and broken.

Nick Trevelyan, her partner – in more ways than one – searches high and low for her. But more trouble is on the horizon. A demonic force even more dangerous than the dark fey lies in wait. Nick is determined to rescue Zoe, but the truth may be too much for her. Zoe’s forgotten memories may be more than she bargained for… but it’s a price she must pay.



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