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Excalibar Investigations Series


Cate’s destined for unimaginable power… if she can survive ascension.

Welcome to Excalibar, an elite team with Cate McCray at the helm. Cate’s as tough as they come, and she’s not about to let anyone mess with her fellow Magickind. Which is why Excalibar is locked in a bitter battle with the Covenant; an ancient organization with one goal—enslaving Magickind. Cate’s only going to let that happen over her dead body.

Which might be why the Covenant is intent on killing her; that or the prophesy that she’ll destroy the Covenant. Surprise surprise, Cate’s not too keen on dying.

So long as she can gain immortality, everything will be fine… but that means surviving ascension. With her elemental partner, Jason Talbot at her side, she’s ready to take on every Covenant attack. Except her forbidden love for Jason could destroy everything.

Can she survive the Covenant’s attempts to kill her? What will become of her and Jason’s love? Can she give up everything to save Magickind?




An elemental, a witch, and a new case that threatens to tear their world apart at the seams.

Cate McCray has relied on her resilient nature to get her through the worst of times and so far, it’s worked. Ready to start over after a rough patch, this witch and her new elemental husband are excited to spend their lives together.

Putting the courtship that risked both their lives behind them won’t be easy, but both are ready to start fresh.

Their new beginning leads them to a new city along with a new case. The dangerous connections to their world’s most powerful elites begs the question, does the past ever really die? The pair must work with Cate’s strongest enforcers to end this threat and save humanity. There’s one small problem; bodies are piling up, alliances are falling apart, and Cate and Jason don’t know who they can trust. Well, maybe it’s not a small problem… but they can still trust each other, right?




A kidnapped husband, unknown dangers, and a Denai witch on a rescue mission that might cost lives…

Cate McCray’s quest for her husband might be risky, but what other choice does she have? She’s willing to have her team of enforcers turn the universe inside out to get him back.

Her victory at rescuing Jason is short lived when she discovers he can’t remember what happened to him while he was held prisoner. Cate wants to know who held him and why. She needs to know if there’s a new threat to their team now.

And she worries he might have unwillingly given a dangerous being sensitive information. With a dangerous new killer on the streets of their city, the team worries what new enemy has been sent to destroy them and what price they’ll pay to eliminate the threat.




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