Excalibar Investigations Series


This witch doesn’t need a broomstick.

Cate McCray is the leader of Excalibar, an elite team engaged in a fierce battle with the Covenant, an ancient organisation that seeks the enslavement of Magickind. And as the witch who’s prophesied to destroy the Covenant, Cate and her looming immortality are at risk when the Covenant races against time to kill her.

But it won’t be easy for Cate. Before she can attain unimaginable power, she must first survive the ascension. And there’s only one man who can help Cate – her elemental partner Jason Talbot. But Cate’s quest for immortality is threatened when her forbidden love for Jason could lead to their mutual destruction.

Meanwhile, as Cate leads Excalibar into infiltrating the Covenant, her mortal state puts her at grave risk. As she struggles to find a way forward, the line between eternal death and eternal life continues to blur. But when everything is at stake… she’ll realise that some lines are meant to be crossed.





Something wicked this way comes.

Cate McCray is a tough witch who thought her life was finally starting over. Newly married to her elemental husband Jason – after a courtship that risked both of their lives – she looks forward to spending her life with him.

But when they arrive in a new city, they discover that the past isn’t dead. A new case captures their attention, one with dangerous connections to their world’s most powerful elites. Working with her battle-tested team of enforcers, Cate knows she must stop this terrifying new threat and save humanity. But as the bodies threaten to pile up, alliances soon fall apart. And Cate and Jason don’t know who to trust anymore – except each other.

Denai Bound is the thrilling sequel to Denai Touch and a triumph of storytelling. Join Cate and Jason as they race to stop their biggest enemy yet, whose ancient and fearsome magic lurks in wait. But through it all, the darkest of magic is no match… for the shining light of love.





War never ends… and love never dies.

Denai witch Cate McCray can’t catch a break. After leading her team of enforcers to victory once again, she’s devastated to find that her loving husband, Jason, has been kidnapped. And as she and her driven team venture into the country of Setara to rescue him, Cate knows that nothing is going to stand in her way.

But when she finds Jason can’t remember his imprisonment, the price may be too much to bear. Meanwhile, the dreaded Covenant is at it again, sending a dangerous new killer to roam the streets of their city. Rescuing Jason wasn’t enough, because now Cate and her team have no choice but to fight. The Covenant won’t stop in their mission against Cate and her allies, no matter the cost. But they don’t know that she’s just as determined – and deadly.

Denai Storm is a heart-pounding tale of love against all odds. When the chips are down, only the strongest will survive. And for Cate McCray, this is her toughest mission yet. But when push comes to shove, this witch will fly towards the heart of battle… and her own.



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