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Everlight Academy Trilogy

Magic can be blessing or a curse.

Seventeen-year-old Silvana Eldry, a faeling, lives in fear. Shunned by society, bullied by her classmates, and ignored by her foster parents, she’s an outcast in a world ruled by the fae.

When she’s offered a prestigious placement at Everlight Academy, she finds herself in a strange, new world. One filled with magic, gorgeous fae beings, and the chance to learn about her powers. But there’s a catch!

There are trials and challenges ahead because Everlight doesn’t just let students survive. They must earn their survival. And Silvy must tear herself from the unwavering connection she feels to a handsome fae prince.

Will her quest for a new life cost her everything or will she get the new life she craves?

Faeling is a slow-burn non-reverse harem romance with one feisty heroine who will stop at nothing to find out who she really is.




Accused of murder, Silvana must find a way to prove her innocence…

Silvana Eldry’s life has finally fallen into place; she has full access to her powers and is leading the life she’s always dreamed of… But just when everything came together, it all began to fall apart. Her beloved mentor is dead and she’s accused of the murder.

Struggling to navigate the fae world, Silvy is pitted against the fae high council. They want to get rid of her. She wants to find out who killed her friend and mentor, Freya, before it’s too late.

The death brings to light deeper, darker secrets than Silvy could ever imagined. A new mentor steps in to help her learn to manage her emerging powers, but he encourages her to use the darker side of her magic. Can she trust him? Can she trust her friends? Who can she turn to when everyone seems to be hiding dangerous secrets? Is Everlight Academy truly safe for her?




A king at large. A friend in danger. A daring quest to restore order.

Silvy never thought she’d get here. After surviving the last faceoff with the fae queen, life has been almost perfect. She has an amazing boyfriend, true good friends, a real family, and one last term at the academy.

Despite how well things are going, Silvy knows she won’t have the life she fought so hard for until she unravels the secrets of the past and the Unseelie King’s whereabouts are known. The only way to have the life she wants is to find the ancient artefact that tore apart the fae realm.

When Silvy’s best friend Mel goes missing, she’s in a race against time to find the Everlight Stone and rescue her before it’s too late, but can she complete her mission or will shocking revelations stand in her way?





This collection of stories has it all; fae, mermaids, seers, lycans, banshees, clashes over thrones, ancient artefacts, you name it, it’s here!

​​​​​​​You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, rooting for the good guys to win out against evil threatening the fae Ever Realm. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this book will satisfy you.

Packed full of fae, prophecies, curses, forbidden love, witches, missing people, realms in danger, murder, dark secrets, this book is action-packed urban fantasy.