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Rogues of Magic Series

Her parents slain. Her throne taken. Now everyone thinks she’s the murderer.

Ann was destined to become the Archdruid—now she’s spent five years as a rogue where magic has been outlawed by her usurper, Orla, the demon who ruined her life. Ann’s bloodline holds the key Orla needs to throw the five lands of Almara into complete and utter chaos—but she’ll have to catch her first.

While on the run with her brother Xander and her best friend Edward Rohn, Ann collects the rogues of magic to her cause. Magic might be outlawed, but this isn’t the first time the five lands has been ruled by a tyrant, but it is the first time Ann is here to lead a rebellion of magical outcasts. It’s finally time to fight back.






She’s true archdruid. He has the power to destroy the realm.

Urien’s sole will is to conquer the lands of Almara. He will do anything to reach that goal. The only thing between him and the right to rule are his half-siblings. He has already defeated one. Only one remains between him and the throne. With the help of his mother’s powerful dark magic, Urien stretches his might across the realm to force everyone to submit to his will.
Ann is the last sibling who stands in Urien’s way. If he succeeds in taking the throne, the world will burn under his reign. Her escape from Urien’s dark army brings her home. The druid refuge is her last chance to defeat her brother. Will the druids side with their leader or turn against her?
One will evolve to become more powerful. One will be erased from existence.






They’re bound by fate, magic, and undoubtedly fire.

Ed and Ann seek refuge in the Ed’s homeland of Lulrien. As Ed tries to quell the rising conflict between the Lykae and the invading forces, he learns his lineage and discovers his purpose. Is it enough to help Ann defeat her brother Urien?

Seeded in a nest of evil and darkness, the power Urien seeks lies in the heart of Lulrien. With it, he will finally possess the might to destroy his sister for good. Will opening the door to the past lead to the insight to defeat Urien’s forces? Or will it guide Urien to the key for world domination?






Urien has been defeated… but now there is a greater threat.

Ann has barely escaped the wrath of the elders with her life and magic intact. It was all worth it. She has her brother back, but now another family member needs her help.

Her grandmother, Mercury, is missing and an old enemy has taken control of her lands.
Ann refuses to believe they’re too late. When she and the other rogues go to investigate, they discover Mercury is still alive and long-dead secrets are finally coming to light. Not only can she find her grandmother, but the answers they uncover could hold the key for why the elders have hunted her for so long.





There’s a killer on the loose in the Five Lands.

When resistance members are slain in mysterious ritual sacrifices, Ann and Ceara are asked to help. When the only Council member sympathetic to the resistance goes missing, even Ann knows this is something she can’t ignore.

The ritual killings aren’t the only problem on their plate. Ceara has been targeted, but by who—or what—she isn’t sure. She suffers blackouts and a voice in her head accuses her of being the murderer. Even she starts to believe it—until she realizes she’s fighting for her life against the real killer.

And it’s a losing battle. There’s a dark entity slowly invading her body. It’s draining her more every day even as new victims are claimed by an enemy who is only growing in power. She can’t keep this up forever.

Time is running out. The killer must be found soon or Ceara will be added to the list of victims—and if the killer wins, no one in the Five Lands will be safe.



The past will always come back to haunt you.
When her cousin calls her begging for help, Ann and her band of rogues rush in to save her before it’s too late. Upon arriving in the realm of Asral, Ann is shocked to discover Riven’s lands being ravaged by an army of powerful warriors.

The Jer Oza are an elite fighting squad sent by Lord Arwan, an elder, and someone connected to fellow rogue, Jax. In order to defeat their enemy, Jax must face the demons of his own past and Ann must come face-to-face with the very people who had her family killed and took her throne six years earlier.

But the elders are not to be trifled with. Will the rogues defeat their greatest enemy yet?





They took her throne. They stripped her of her freedom. Now she’s taking them back.

Framed for the brutal murders of her father and stepmother, Ann is desperate to clear her name and reclaim what’s rightfully hers.
With her husband and her fellow rogues in tow, she races to rebuild her shattered life, but her hopes are dashed when a plague sweeps through the five lands of Almara, leaving chaos in its wake.

Now it’s a race against time to find the source behind the unprecedented attack and ultimately take her rightful place as the Archdruid. But the journey will not be easy. Her foes are many and one is mightier than the others combined.
Will she defeat the elders once and for all, or has her fate already been sealed?




This collection of six high fantasy stories will transport you into another realm!

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No matter what you’re in the mood for, this book will satisfy.

Packed full of rogue heiresses, prophecies, curses, secret marriages and sons, missing townsfolks, villages in danger, murder and enslaved people, this collection embodies what it means to be high fantasy.

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