Rogues of Magic Series

All paths lead to the throne.

Ann Valeran is the heir to the archdruid, a spiritual leader to the five lands of Almara. But her destiny is shattered when her parents are killed by her elder brother Urien and his demon mother Orla. Framed for the murder of her parents, Ann becomes a wanted fugitive with a high bounty on her head. Accompanied by her younger brother Xander and her best friend Edward Rohn, her former bodyguard, the rogue trio travel in their native land of Caselhelm.

Meanwhile, war has broken out in Caselhelm and magic has been banned by Orla, who now sits on the archdruid’s throne. Ann, Ed and Xander work with the resistance to protect magic users from Orla’s dark clutches, all while striving to clear Ann’s name. Along the way, they meet people from their past whose intentions aren’t always clear. And deciding to trust them may doom them to an even worse fate.

Bound by Blood is the first book in the Rogue of Magic series. With its exciting action and unexpected twists, this epic fantasy will leave you breathless. And as Ann races across her land to claim what’s hers, she’ll realise one thing: the strongest magic of all… is the love of her family.

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She’s true archdruid. He has the power to destroy the realm.

Urien’s sole will is to conquer the lands of Almara. He will do anything to reach that goal. The only thing between him and the right to rule are his half-siblings. He has already defeated one. Only one remains between him and the throne. With the help of his mother’s powerful dark magic, Urien stretches his might across the realm to force everyone to submit to his will.
Ann is the last sibling who stands in Urien’s way. If he succeeds in taking the throne, the world will burn under his reign. Her escape from Urien’s dark army brings her home. The druid refuge is her last chance to defeat her brother. Will the druids side with their leader or turn against her?
One will evolve to become more powerful. One will be erased from existence.

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They’re bound by fate, magic, and undoubtedly fire.

Ed and Ann seek refuge in the Ed’s homeland of Lulrien. As Ed tries to quell the rising conflict between the Lykae and the invading forces, he learns his lineage and discovers his purpose. Is it enough to help Ann defeat her brother Urien?

Seeded in a nest of evil and darkness, the power Urien seeks lies in the heart of Lulrien. With it, he will finally possess the might to destroy his sister for good. Will opening the door to the past lead to the insight to defeat Urien’s forces? Or will it guide Urien to the key for world domination?

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Urien has been defeated… but now there is a greater threat.

Ann has barely escaped the wrath of the elders with her life and magic intact. It was all worth it. She has her brother back, but now another family member needs her help.

Her grandmother, Mercury, is missing and an old enemy has taken control of her lands.
Ann refuses to believe they’re too late. When she and the other rogues go to investigate, they discover Mercury is still alive and long-dead secrets are finally coming to light. Not only can she find her grandmother, but the answers they uncover could hold the key for why the elders have hunted her for so long.