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Shadow Walker Trilogy

She will go to great lengths to get justice…including risking her heart.

Denai Witch Charlie McCray’s life turns upside down when her enforcer teammates are massacred in a bust gone wrong.
The grief and guilt so great, she struggles to continue her work without them. Getting justice is the key to her reclaiming her life and regaining her footing on the job, but to get that, she must employ her ability to speak with the dead.

The only clue as to what happened involves a mysterious orb with a deadly reputation. Everyone wants to get their hands on it. But all Charlie wants answers, she must rely on the dark and sexy demon from her past—the one who’s convinced she’s his life mate.

With nothing but tension between them, can they work together to root out the truth or will their undeniable connection create a distraction?



After her partner, Drake disappears without a trace, Charlie McCray is determined to get him back with only telepathic dreams to aid her. The search leads her into the heart of Kyral, home to all Demonkind. With a gang leader determined to get ahold of the Srimtar, and enemies from Drake’s own past surrounding them, Charlie is running out of time.

Struggling with her own half-demon heritage and getting control of her powers, she meets the mysterious mist walkers, leaving her with more questions than answers. Charlie must go undercover, ascend to her powers, and get back the love of her life, all before it’s too late.







Under the guidance of her long-lost mother, Charlie McCray struggles to get a hold of her demonic powers while learning more about her heritage. Frustrated by being forced to stay away at a secret compound away from Drake, her main goal of guarding the Srimtar from her enemy’s grasp seems insurmountable.

After being chased from her temporary sanctuary, her reunion with Drake offers no peace. Meeting with his brother, in the position of Akaran, leader of the demons, has brought it’s own troubles to their door. Can Charlie find her way through the shadows of deceit and finally bring an end to what’s keeping them apart?








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