Elfhame Academy Series

Elfhame Academy Prequel Collection – includes all 5 short prequel stories. Including Fae PI, Spellbound, Never Surrender, Ghost Girl and Slayer

My mum was murdered when I was twelve—I lost her and my heritage as daughter of an elf slayer

I’m Cassie Morgan and becoming one of the youngest private investigators in history should make me happy. But I feel like there’s something missing in my life.

The lure of the Elven realm of Elfhame won’t be denied. I’m determined to learn more about where I came from and the mother I lost. I don’t find what I’m looking for, but I do find a baby dragon and a childhood friend… a friend who might turn out to be an enemy.

My search for answers is cut short when I learn my aunt’s been arrested. My whole life turns upside down; I thought I wanted change. Now I’m not so sure. Truth is, things are spinning out of control and I’m not sure I’m destined to come out on top.




Elfhame Academy Book 1 Coming soon