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Shifter Clans Series

The Alpha’s Daughter Book 1

Love is the light in the darkness.

Kidnapped as a child by a shifter clan, Christy Daine was later sent to live in the human world. But her more than ten years amongst the humans hasn’t erased her fear of those that tried to kill her. That’s where her bodyguard, Ronan, comes in. He’s everything Christy needs, so much so that their passionate relationship is worth the risk to their lives.

But when her father, the alpha of all the clans, demands she return home to marry a groom of his choosing, Christy knows what she must do. Because she’s no longer an innocent little girl. Time has revealed the true depths of her strength… as well as magical abilities that she shouldn’t have.

As the stakes grow ever higher, Christy must face the danger or lose everything she holds dear. In this strange new world, trust seems to be running out… but the past is never finished.


Alpha Ascending Book 2

A family divided cannot stand.

Tragedy has struck Christy Daine after her family was slaughtered in front of her by the new chosen alpha. In desperate need of help, she turns to the only people on the island who can help her, a group considered as outsiders by the shifter clans and who were blamed for Christy’s mother’s death years ago.

But Christy doesn’t have many options. With her allies non-existent and Ronan in prison, she’s forced to trust the people she once called her enemies. And long-buried secrets among the shifter clans ensure that her whole world is about to change – once again.

It’s now or never for Christy. She truly wants a happy future with Ronan but getting there will take every ounce of strength she has. Warring clans and divided loyalties abound, and Christy must become the one true alpha to succeed… no matter the cost.


The Alpha’s Curse Book 3

The battle never stops.

Christy seems to have fulfilled all her dreams. She’s finally with the man she loves, and her bliss carries her throughout the days. But her island sanctuary is feeling more like a prison, as enemies still lurk in the shadows of this haven for the shifter clans.

When the past rears its head once again, she discovers that her brother may still be alive. Now, Christy must run headfirst into danger as she confronts the man responsible for the death of her family.

As the new alpha, she must risk everything to survive. On one side are the sworn enemies of the shifter clans, and on the other are divergent clans and outsiders that must be united for one purpose. And hanging above them all is the centuries-old Alpha’s Curse that threatens every shifter alive. Will Christy triumph… or is this the only battle she can’t win?


Shifter Clans Complete Series Box Set


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