The Arkadia Saga

Love lasts a lifetime… or several.

In the ancient city of Arkadia, Ella Noran and her team are on the hunt for artefacts and to discover the truth about the city’s destruction long ago. When Ella stumbles upon a buried gateway, she unleashes the Esrac, a vampire species that nearly wiped out the Ancients.

But this isn’t the first time that Ella’s dealt with the Esrac. She’s just living the latest reincarnation of her life, one that’s tied directly to the destruction of the Ancients a thousand years ago. While she’s been trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend Luc, a member of the Valan knights sworn to fight the Esrac, she doesn’t realize that they’ve lived countless lives together since the Ancients existed.

Meanwhile, Ella’s magic-wielding ability defies the sworn laws of the Republic. If she’s discovered, she’ll be put to death. But when your whole life is just a series of rebirths… death is just another chance at love.

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The road to freedom is built on the past.

Ella has been betrayed by her mentor Griffin, and now Esme the Esrac Queen has escaped her ancient prison and killed Griffin for his trouble. Meanwhile, Ella is imprisoned in Celestus and wrongly charged with Griffin’s murder. And to make things worse, the Senate has discovered her magic ability and could sentence her to death at a moment’s notice.

But her ex-boyfriend Luc, a member of the heroic Valan, has replaced Griffin. And it’s up to Luc and Ella to plan her escape, even if it means sorting through the memories they’ve shared for thousands of years. But the clock’s ticking, because Esme is slaughtering people far and wide and won’t stop until she has her revenge. Ella, Luc and their friends must risk everything and become fugitives. And as their past collides with their future, Ella and Luc’s hearts race together towards the finish line.

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Love is on the run.

Ella and Luc are now reunited as a couple, sifting through their past lives so they can stay one step ahead of their pursuers. After a high-stakes battle against Esme the Esrac Queen, they realise she’s not their only enemy. The Senate is seeking the death penalty against Luc and Ella for being magic users, forcing them to resort to desperate measures.

With the help of Adria, Ella’s estranged grandmother, Luc and Ella search high and low for the Valan, the mystical knights they believe will end Esme’s reign once and for all. But between Esme’s evil idea to raise an army of Esrac drones and Adria’s mysterious past and emotional distance, Ella discovers that her journey seems impossible now – unless she can pull off the greatest magic trick yet.

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