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Nyx Ashwood screamed as she and her animus, Ember, were thrown through the air. Nyx clung onto Ember’s back as they shot through the heavy canopy of trees. Branches and leaves whacked into them as they fell. Ember turned and regained his balance and darted out of the trees.

One of the Dragon Guards’ beasts had chased after them when they were on their way out the old city.

How could they even track them? Nyx had glamoured herself so her long red hair and large purple wings didn’t stand out. She didn’t look fae anymore. Ember had shifted into a black horse earlier, so they had looked normal enough. Only when the Dragon Guard attacked did Ember shift into dragon form so they could flee faster.

Damn the Archdruid’s guards. Would they never leave her alone?

One way or another she and Ember were getting to the docks to meet their friend Yasmine. Yasmine hadn’t said why she needed help, but Nyx had to get more supplies anyway.

They were running short of food in the old city. The Outsiders managed to plant crops, so that was something at least.

We should go back to the old city, Ember said in thought, then dove and banked sharp to the left.

Tree branches whacked against them.

Nyx winced and a nauseating wave of dizziness rushed over her. “No, we promised Yasmine we’d be there to meet her.” Nyx gritted her teeth. We just need to lose them. Time to fight back. Nyx lowered her mental shield and let her mind merge with his. She could see and feel things through his senses then. Fire at them!

I thought you didn’t want me to kill Dragon Guards?

They’ll kill us if they have the chance to. She didn’t like killing, but it was either kill or be killed now. They couldn’t avoid the Dragon Guards forever. She would be damned if they would be stuck in the old city all the time. This was their realm and the Dragon Guards needed to learn that.

Ember roared and blew a column of blue fire straight at the oncoming dragon and its rider. The blast hit the dragon and its rider head on. It might not kill them but at least it slowed them down.

Nyx and Ember vanished in a swirl of green orbs as she transported them out.

Hopefully the guards wouldn’t be able to follow her magic.

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