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Today’s release day for my next book Captive Avatar, book 2 in the Arkadia Saga trilogy.

The road to freedom is built on the past.

Ella has been betrayed by her mentor Griffin, and now Esme the Esrac Queen has escaped her ancient prison and killed Griffin for his trouble. Meanwhile, Ella is imprisoned in Celestus and wrongly charged with Griffin’s murder. And to make things worse, the Senate has discovered her magic ability and could sentence her to death at a moment’s notice.

But her ex-boyfriend Luc, a member of the heroic Valan, has replaced Griffin. And it’s up to Luc and Ella to plan her escape, even if it means sorting through the memories they’ve shared for thousands of years. But the clock’s ticking, because Esme is slaughtering people far and wide and won’t stop until she has her revenge. Ella, Luc and their friends must risk everything and become fugitives. And as their past collides with their future, Ella and Luc’s hearts race together towards the finish line.

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