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Rogues of Magic Extras: Character Interview

To go along with my new upcoming Rogues of Magic series, I decided to do a character interview this month with one of my main characters Ann Valeran. Check out the interview below.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Rhiannon Valeran. But most people call me Ann. I’m one of the main characters in the Rogues of Magic series. I am a druid and was destined to take the place of my father as Archdruid. That all changed five years ago when my parents were killed, and I became a fugitive after falsely being accused of committing the crime. After that I was forced to go on the run with my younger brother Xander and my best friend, Edward Rohn, who used to be my former bodyguard.

What is a rogue?

A rogue is someone who unaffiliated to any particular realm or territory. Basically we’re outcasts in a world where being different is frowned upon.

Where is the series set?

My series is set in the fictional world of Erthea. Mainly on the continent of Almara which is made up of Caselhelm, Asral, Gumorya, Lulrien and Storholm. Caselhelm is my homeland, the northern most realm.

What happened after you became a rogue?

After I became a rogue, I was forced to go on the run. This means moving around a lot and never staying in one place for too long. Ed eventually convinced me that joining the resistance me a new purpose in life after losing my family. Nowadays we spend our time travelling around Caselhelm. Orla, the demon who took over my father’s realm outlawed the use of magic by people who weren’t loyal to her. Anyone caught using offensive magic is put to death. Ed, Xander and I spend out time rescuing people and fighting to stop the tyranny in the five lands.

What else happens in happens in Rogues of Magic?

Check out Bound By Blood to find out more about our adventures.


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