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New release: Chosen Seer, An Andovia Chronicles Short Story

This week I have a new release Chosen Seer, a short story set in the world of my Andovia Chronicles. it’s only 0.99 and can get it here on Amazon.


Once slaves, they are now free…Or are they?

Domnu and her foster sisters face an uncertain future together. Their owner, Harland, is dead and they must fend for themselves. When one of her sisters is arrested for murder, it is up to Domnu to protect her family.

As Magickind in the realm of Joriam, there is little hope for a happy ending…

Bought by a prince, he discovers their magical secret, but is he planning on using their gifts to help others or something more sinister? Using her gift as a seer, Domnu must figure out who to trust, before she loses her sisters forever.

Can they escape the prince before it’s too late?



“How much do you want for them?” the slave trader asked. The rotund man with greasy hair and beady eyes towered over them.

Mama Habrid, the woman who had reluctantly taken care of them since they were children, tapped her chin. Her brow creased. “They are strong girls – my husband never bought weak slaves. I’ll accept no less than fifty gold coins for each of them.”

Fifty gold coins? Domnu would have laughed if the pit of fear in her stomach didn’t weigh on her like a heavy stone. The price was outrageous, and they all knew it.

The slave trader laughed. “No girls are worth that much. Look at them, they are skinny. They won’t cope well with hard labour.”

“These two are special. They have been touched by the gods and have unnatural abilities. The one with the red hair can see the future. Her visions always come true. And the other one can heal people with her touch. Imagine the money you could make off them.”

Domnu looked away and her long red hair fell over her face like a heavy curtain. Her visions didn’t always work. Most of the time, she couldn’t even control them.

If they could make someone so much money, why wouldn’t Mama Habrid let them stay at the tavern? It wasn’t much of a home, but it was the only one they had ever known.

“Fine, let’s see their powers. Tell me, girl, what do you see in my future?” The man sneered at her and grabbed her by the collar of her tunic.

She almost gagged under the stench of his foul breath. “I don’t see anything.” She almost wanted to have a vision just to get the awful man away from her.

“Hold her hand. She has a much better chance of getting visions if she touches someone.” Habrid motioned towards Domnu.

The man grabbed her by the throat. “Tell me what you see, girl.”

Her sister, Kyri, whimpered in the corner and buried her face in her knees where she sat in the ground.

She gasped as pain shot through her head and her eyes snapped shut. An image of a boat rising out of the water came to her. At the helm stood a dark-skinned man with a glowing orb above his head.

A few moments later, the vision faded. She winced as her ears rang and pain stabbed through her skull.

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