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New release & excerpt: Druid’s Fate, An Andovia Chronicles Short Story

This week I have a new release Druid’s Fate, a short story set in the world of my Andovia Chronicles. it’s only 0.99 and you can get in on Amazon.

An unlikely alliance to bring down a powerful enemy…

When the kingdom was threatened, Ambrose fought against his own wife, Evony, in a bid to stop her from destroying their land. It cost him everything, including his daughters.

Betrayed again…

When the Archdruid turned on him and took the kingdom of Andovia for himself, Ambrose continued his quest to stop her alone. Wanting nothing more than to be the kind of man his daughters would be proud of, he fought on.

While Evony plots to restore her power, Ambrose must do everything he can to stop her. But when her wicked ways result in the resurrection of their daughters, Ambrose might finally have a chance to be a father again.
Can he keep them safe? Or will he lose them all over again?



Ambrose Brethian knelt before the Archdruid and kept his gaze on the floor to hide his shame. He couldn’t believe it had come to this. Having to turn against his own wife. But what choice did he have?

Evony wouldn’t stop her campaign to find the other immortals. Her quest had already led to numerous deaths. She wasn’t the voice of justice she claimed to be anymore. Instead, she turned her people into killers. Mind whisperers were supposed to be a voice of justice and reasoning. Protect the innocent and punish the guilty. That was their way — it had been that way for centuries.

“Why have you come?” Fergus Valeran asked the Archdruid, perched on his throne that was twined with branches.

“To ask for your help.” Ambrose met his piercing blue gaze.

Lady Mercury, the Archdruid’s sorceress wife, snorted on the throne beside him. “Why would we help you? You are our enemy.”

Ambrose rose, which earned him a look of disdain from Mercury. “Because our interests are aligned. My wife is waging war around the lower realm. All in her quest to find others like her.”

The other immortals had left Erthea. What reason did they have to stay here? The world was falling into chaos, and there was little hope.

The Archdruid claimed to want peace, but Ambrose didn’t trust him. He just needed someone to stop his wife. No one had the power to do that but the Archdruid.

“You expect me to believe you would turn against your wife? Aren’t you bound to her?” Fergus arched an eyebrow.

“My soul isn’t hers. I still have free will. Or else I wouldn’t have come here.” Ambrose missed the familiar weight of his staff in his hand. But he couldn’t bring it here or the guards would have taken it away. He couldn’t risk that.

“Can you help or not?” Ambrose couldn’t stay away long. He had to make preparations. Getting his three daughters somewhere safe was his first priority. The girls wouldn’t want to leave their mother, but he would have to convince them. Somehow.

“What do you expect me to do?” Fergus demanded. “Your realm is protected by a shield. No one can enter without permission. Not even my forces.”

“I can let you in and make sure you can step into the city. You can take the queen into custody, but you will not harm her or my family. I want her to live out her days in peace.”

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