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New release: Hidden Darkness, the Andovia Chronicles Book 3

This week I’m releasing Hidden Darkness, book 3 in my Andovia Chronicles. It’s available here on Amazon. This book is a bit different from the first two books as it’s a collection of short stories featuring different characters from throughout the series.

Magic can be a blessing or curse…

No matter what realm you’re in magic can be dangerous but sometimes it’s the only thing that will keep you alive. Whether you’re druid, witch, pirate, fae, sorcerer, or immortal. Hidden Darkness includes tales from around the lower realms and they all include magic.

From deadly dragons, fearsome pirates, immortal queens and glittering fae comes a collections of stories from around Andovia and its surrounding realms. Including:

Evil tyrant sorcerers who seek to control and destroy dragons. Ancient dragons who aren’t supposed to exist anymore.
Swashbuckling female pirates seeking treasure. An immortal fae queen who will stop at nothing to get her revenge.
A deadly assassin who never misses her mark. And a fae who will never stop trying to find her family.



Domnu nearly screamed when the ship rose into the air. She and Kyri sat huddled in the hold. Their hands were still bound.

“Kyri, listen. We have to find a way out of here.”

“How? We’re on a ship. We have nowhere to go.”

“You need to stop the whimpering. You’re not a child. Why didn’t you speak up when they took Nyx? We both know she never killed Harland. That shadow creature did.” She shuddered at the memory of the shadow creature she had seen upstairs in the tavern.

“I never meant for Nyx to die. I was —”

“She’s not dead. I had a vision. That druid faked her death and took her away.”

“Why would he do that?”

Domnu shrugged. “Nyx is powerful. I think he needed her help for something.”

“Where are they taking us?”

“To Andovia, from what I’ve heard. That prince is the son of the Archdruid. God knows what they want with us.” Domnu tugged her bonds. “Sombre.” Fire sparked around her wrists and burned through the rope. She rubbed her wrists. “Much better.”

“Dom, we can’t jump out of the ship. We’ll die.”

“Maybe not. They must have lifeboats. If we can get to one of them, we can escape.”

“But where would we go? We are slaves.”

“We’ll go find Nyx. The druid that came for her came from Andovia, too. If we can find a way to get there, we can find her.” Domnu burned through Kyri’s bindings. “I don’t know how long it will take us to get to Andovia, but we need a plan.”

“We’re not jumping off. We’d die.”

Kyri had a point. They couldn’t jump while the ship was in the air. There weren’t any guards near the hold. If they could sneak on deck, maybe they could find the lifeboats and go from there. Domnu didn’t know much about steering a boat. Would a lifeboat even be able to float in the air like this vessel could?

“We’ll need weapons. Look around and see what we can find.”

“Weapons?” Kyri gasped.

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