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Amaranthine Chronicles Blog Tour Day 6: Review and Excerpt from Betrayed By Blood

Up next on my blog tour today is a review of the Amaranthine Chronicles box set and an exclusive excerpt from Betrayed By Blood. Thanks to Lynn for taking part in the blog tour today.

Originally published on Lynn’s Romance Enthusiasm

Review of Amaranthine Chronicles 4.5 stars by Lynn Reynolds

One thing about getting a book set that is also a series is you have to read the series in order.  And this is not one that you will want to skip around on – it would almost be like cheating.  Kaylan Avilion and her crew are spying on others.  Elijah has had a life-changing event.  The group is trying to find an answer to the mystery surrounding their world.  This story is about good versus evil with a paranormal/fantasy twist.  Got to love a story that’s great at mixing action, adventure, and suspense.
Our author has created an interesting world where people with special abilities is the norm and more acceptable than they would be in our world.  This series flows, very nicely, from one story to the next.  There’s no feeling of anything missing as you pick up the next part of the adventure.  It shows that not every family is loving – sometimes jealousy rears its ugly head.  But power can be a very strong aphrodisiac. There is romance here but it takes a backseat to the action, thrill and just making sure that the bad guys get their just desserts.  I almost didn’t want to see this series end because I wanted to continue on the next escapade this group may have.  But I don’t get any indication that the ending was final.  Will we see Kaylan and Elijah again?
Excerpt from Betrayed By Blood, Amaranthine Chronicles Book 1
Elijah bounded along the tunnel, through the metal door, water splashing against him as he passed through the river. Moving along the tunnels he now called home, he ran until he reached the outer door.
He took a deep breath, feeling flesh and bone move with agonising pain as he shifted back into human form. He knelt down and splashed his face with water from the underground stream. Elijah braced himself against the wall, breathing hard. Kaylan. She was here. He couldn’t believe it.
He turned to see Geth. Geth’s dark skin gleamed under the luminescent light. His hair was braided and a ring glittered on his nose. “What happened?” his friend asked as he appeared in the makeshift doorway to Elijah’s cave, holding out a clean pair of jeans and a black shirt.
Elijah grabbed the clothes and slipped them on. “Kaylan’s back,” was all he said.
“You’ve been watching her again? I thought we talked about this?” Geth asked. “Do you want her to find out about you?”
Elijah sighed. “She knows.”
Geth’s mouth fell open. “How?”
“She hit me with a fireball. I shifted right in front of her,” he explained. Hell, it wasn’t like he had control over it.
“What did she do after that?”
“Nothing. I ran away after telling her to stop looking for me.” He buttoned up the shirt, ignoring the ache in his muscles from changing twice in one night.
“We’ve been through this. You need to stay away from Kaylan. Now she knows what you are, she won’t stop looking. What were you thinking?”
In truth, he hadn’t been thinking at all. He had just wanted a glimpse of her again, to make sure she was alright. “I just – had to see her,” Elijah admitted. “Just because I’m different now doesn’t mean I don’t care.”
“Well, we’ve got more important things to worry about than your ex-fiancé. I found another body.”
He flinched and looked down at his hands, half expecting to see them covered in blood.
“Don’t worry, you didn’t lose control again,” Geth told him. “It’s another victim of the Stardust drug.”
Elijah breathed a sigh of relief. One of his greatest fears was losing control again and having no memory of what he might have done. “Where is it?” he asked.
Geth led him down the tunnel until it opened up into a larger cavern. Tendrils of light danced around the glistening grey rock walls. Elijah had no idea where the magical lights came from, since they were several metres underground, but he always found this place peaceful.
The body of a young man who appeared to be in his early twenties lay off to one side. His skin looked pale and waxy underneath the shock of red hair.

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