New release & excerpt: Morrigan’s Heirs

Today I have a new release, Morrigan’s Heirs, book 4 in my YA epic fantasy series the Andovia Chronicles. You can get the book here.


They’ve won one battle, but a bigger threat is on the horizon…

Nyx and Darius took on the Andovian Queen and won. For now. But a bigger threat is looming in the form of the Archdruid – Darius’ father. Determined to rule, he will do anything to succeed, including killing Nyx and her sisters.

A broken family fighting for the future…

Nyx has only just gotten her sisters back, she can’t lose them now. As they work to uncover their past, the sisters flee to the ancient city of Varden, but all is not as it seems. Can Nyx and Darius protect everyone from the Archdruid? Or will he succeed in breaking her family apart for good?





“I don’t see any guards.” Nyx Ashwood motioned for her sister, Niamh, to follow her as they headed into the temple in the old city of Varden. She pushed her long pink plaited hair off her face. Her purple wings furled behind her like folding leaves. “Come on, let’s look around and get out of here before anyone sees us.”

“Why would there be guards here? The city is supposed to be abandoned.” Niamh’s long blonde hair fell over her face and her pointed ears stuck out.

“I told you I thought I heard minds in the city when we came here the other day. They disappeared before I had a chance to find them.” She pushed her way through the double doors of the temple and kept her senses on alert. I don’t hear any minds or detect any presences here, she told Niamh in thought. But that didn’t mean there was no one there. The guards could be shielded.

A month had passed since they had stopped Lyra Duncan, the high priestess possessed by the former Queen of Andovia. Walking through parts of the abandoned city still sent chills down her spine.

“What are we looking for?” Niamh frowned.

“Anything that might give us an idea of how to save Ambrose.” Nyx opened the door to Lyra’s bedchamber.

A lot had happened since the former Queen of Andovia had killed the Archdruid’s wife and attempted to kill Nyx. Since then things in Andovia had been restless.

They went through the empty halls of the temple until they reached what had been Lyra’s bedchamber. The large room had bare grey stone walls and a small bed covered with furs. A table and chairs were by the window and a large trunk stood on the other side of the room.

“Not much of a bedchamber for a former queen,” Niamh remarked. “I still don’t understand why she didn’t get revenge on the Archdruid before now. If she has been in Lyra’s body for the last century, why didn’t she do anything to get back at him for taking her realm?”

“She told me she couldn’t restore herself to her true body and couldn’t use her full power in Lyra’s body. That’s why she needed me.” Nyx shuddered. “She needed the blood of another mind whisperer.”

“But how could that help?” Niamh’s frown deepened. “Are we related to her?”

“Maybe we have a blood link. We could be her descendants.” She found a large wooden chest at the end of the bed and rummaged through it. “The queen was the first mind whisperer, so…” She tossed aside the different linens and felt around the bottom of the chest, knocking on the side of it a panel opened. Sliding her hand inside the gap, her fingers closed around something metal and she pulled it out. It was a small gold round object. Like a large pendant. No, not a pendant — it was too large for that.

Niamh opened the door to the wardrobe and rummaged through cloaks and several robes. “It looks like someone has already been here. Are you sure this place is abandoned? We know Ambrose and the queen came here all the time.”

“I guess the queen could have brought someone with her, but I doubt they would still be here.” Nyx opened the object and light flared to life. A glowing image of a beautiful young woman with dark hair and large wings stood beside a red-haired man. Both smiled. Nyx gasped. “I think there’s something in here.”

Niamh didn’t respond as she carried on rummaging through the wardrobe.

“Niamh, you need to see this.”

Still her sister ignored her. “How many robes does one woman need? Gods.”


“I’m busy. I can feel something at the back —”

“Niamh!” Nyx shouted at her.

“What?” Her sister pushed her long blonde hair off her face.

“Look at this.” She held up the glowing image. “It’s Ambrose, the queen and their children.”

Niamh’s eyes widened. “Is that… us?”

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