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Here is excerpt from my upcoming book Elfhame Academy Book 1 which you can get here.



“Cassie, are you sure that girl is here?” My sister, Liv, asked me. She glanced around, uneasy. Her blue eyes looked dark under the dim streetlight and her lilac coloured hair almost white.

“This is the place I saw in my vision,” I replied and shoved my long purple hair off my face. A streak of light darted overhead as my baby dragon, Murphy, shot through the warehouse.

“We need to find that girl so we can get Mum off the hook.”

“We will, sis. Relax.” I squeezed her arm. “Mum will be out of prison before you know it.”

I still couldn’t believe our adoptive mum/aunt had been arrested for helping a fugitive escape from custody. Our mum was straight as an arrow. Both in her old job as an enforcer and as a private investigator.

Up ahead stood the derelict warehouse. Its windows had long been broken out and now stood like empty eyes watching over us. Some of the roof had fallen away. The walls remained intact and loomed like silent sentinels. We headed through a gap on the side of the building where the door had fallen off its hinges.

The only way to get Mum out was to find the missing fugitive Lucy Grey. The whole thing still had my head reeling. A couple of hours ago I’d been off travelling through the elven realm of Elfhame. Until Liv called me back to help her out. It had taken me awhile to get up to speed on what happened. From the sounds of it Mum had been called to a local crime scene after an elf had been found dead and they had taken a suspect into custody.

Murphy zipped over our heads and waved his glowing paw to get my attention. His silver-grey scales shone like moonlight and his amber eyes glowed like tiny balls of fire.

“How did you end up with that flying lizard?” Liv scowled at Murphy. “You never had him when you left a few weeks ago.”

“I told you, I found him when I was in the mountains,” I replied. “He was stuck on something, so I pulled him down.” I didn’t go into detail about telling her where I had really been as that would lead to unwanted questions. Questions we didn’t have time for.

“Don’t you think it’s strange you found a dragon in the middle of nowhere? Why didn’t you leave him there?”

I shrugged. I knew she’d ask questions, but the story of how I found Murphy would have to wait until later. “He kept following me. But he’s good at finding and sensing things.”

Come. Murphy’s voice rang through my mind.

I hurried after him. Odd, I’d never heard him speak before. But I hadn’t known him long enough to know what he could do.

“I can’t believe we’re following a dragon.” Liv rolled her eyes. “Are you sure you can trust that thing? You don’t know where he came from or —”

“Oh, come on.”

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