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Amaranthine Blog Tour Day 7: What Inspired My Main Character and Blog Tour Wrap Up

For today’s post, I’m going to talk about what inspired my main character, Kaylan.

A lot of different things inspired my main character for this series, Kaylan. After my last series, Excalibar Investigations, I was excited to write about someone completely different.

I still wanted a strong, independent heroine who could take care of herself – and who didn’t rely on a man to come and save her. One of the main things that inspired this character was the character Max from the Dark Angel series. I loved that series growing up I always wanted to write a series about a group of outlaws who hideout in the city, sneak around catching the bad guys and doing good work.

I knew I wanted Kaylan to eventually lead the group – the Amaranthine. I think losing her family and then her fiancé really shapes who she is as a person and gives her a strong sense of right and wrong. You see Kaylan change a lot as the series progresses as she deals with her sister’s betrayal and current turns that how much her fiancé, Elijah, has changed. All the things shape her to become a strong leader at the end of series. She’s handy when it comes to knives too!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s blog tour for my new series the Amaranthine Chronicles.


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