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Amaranthine Chronicles Blog Tour Day 5: 5 Tips For Writing Urban Fantasy

Up next on the AC blog tour is a special guest post. Thanks to Claire for hosting us today.

Originally published Brizzle Lass Books

Urban fantasy is its own unique genre. It’s fantasy within an urban setting.

Here are five tips for writing ever fantasy.

  1. The urban setting. Urban fantasy is usually set in cities, usually in the real world or in a make-believe urban world. Decide whether the real world knows about the mythical and magical aspects of your world.
  2. The characters. In urban fantasy your characters can literally be whatever you want them to be. Fairies, vampires, witches, shape shifters, etc. But the main character of your story can be someone completely normal, a human who is thrust into an unknown magical world. Whether you decide your main character to be, make sure that they are believable and that whatever abilities or storylines they have are believable.
  3. The world. It can be fun creating your own magical world. Decide whether your world is known or unknown to the real world or to the world of humans. Decide on the magical elements of that world and how the magic works there. What kind of price does the magic have?
  4. The story. Any story needs to have a plotline no matter what genre it is in. One of the best things about fantasy genre is you can pretty much write whatever you want within the story. It can contain mystery, suspense, romance, comedy – whatever you like. Every part story whether it be wand holding wizards or witches brewing potions every part of the story must be believable.
  5. The magic. If your story contains magical or magical creatures, they must be believable. If you’ve got vampires crawling round the streets at night they must be believable. Don’t just add fantastical creatures for the sake of it. Make every creature and character in your story believable and some think that your readers can relate to on some level.

What’s up next on the blog tour?

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