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New release & excerpt: Deadly Magic, An Elfhame Academy Short Story

This week I have a new release Deadly Magic, an Elfhame Academy short story. It’s only 0.99. You can get you on Amazon and read an excerpt below.

A psychic medium and a necromancer join forces. What could possibly go wrong? Everything if you’re not careful.

Jolie McGregor is tired of her humdrum life. She’s a working psychic medium, or rather, she would be if people didn’t doubt her abilities. Even her fellow supernaturals think she’s a fraud. That’s not good for business. She needs to build some credibility, but with no real allies, she’s forced to turn to desperate measures.

Teaming up with an elven necromancer isn’t the worst idea, but it’s certainly not the best either, especially when their new client just so happens to be her cousin and wants Jolie’s help to get to the Nether Realm.

If Jared, the necromancer, gets word, Jolie’s fresh start will be ruined and her joint venture with him will be exposed, and she can’t let that happen. It will ruin her.

Now she’s forced to choose between her friend and family, and that’s a predicament she never saw coming. Will she risk everything for Jared or turn her back on him?



“It’s about time you got here.” I crossed my arms and leant back against the alley wall. I tapped my foot, impatient.

I didn’t like the fact I had to close my shop early. I could have got one or two more customers in and made some more money. But whenever Jared called, he always insisted I turn up to meet him. No matter what time of day or night it was.

Jared came around the corner. His long, blond hair blew around his chiselled face and his pointed elf ears stuck out. “Keep your sparkles on, fairy. Some of us have busy lives to lead, you know.” His long trench coat billowed behind him.

You’d think a necromancer could appreciate being on time, given how he worked with the dead. The dead were never very punctual with time.

“I’m not fae, I’m a witch.” I scowled at him and pushed my long purple hair off my face.

Sometimes I wondered why I put up with him. But he taught me to use my gift in ways no one else could.

“Whatever you say, JoJo.”

“It’s Jolie. Not JoJo.” He knew I hated that nickname, but he used it anyway. “Why did you call? You said it was important.” I crossed my arms. Despite being in jeans and a black tank top, the chill night air didn’t bother me. I was a wraith witch. Someone who could walk the line between life and death.

“I’ve got an awesome job for us, JoJo.” Jared smirked. “Got a new client who wants me to find someone who disappeared in the Nether Realm. Been working with her for about a month now, but I haven’t had much luck. That’s where you come in.”

“Wait, what?” I gaped at him. I couldn’t believe what he had just said. Crossing to the other side was one thing. For me, crossing into death was easy, but going to the Nether Realm that bordered the Elven realm of Elfhame might as well be like travelling to a different planet.

“You heard me. But I ain’t had much luck getting through. The Nether’s harder to work than the other side. That’s why you gotta help me. I can’t let this girl down. Not with the kind of money she’s got.”

“Jared, I can’t travel into the Nether. That’s impossible.”

“You can and you will. You’re the only one with the power. You’re a McGregor. Can’t get much more powerful than your family.”

Great, of all the times to mention me being a McGregor witch. But my family weren’t just witches. We had mixed elf, fae, and witch blood, which gave all of us pretty interesting gifts.

“Come and meet my client. See her for yourself. She’ll pay you well.”

I shook my head. “This isn’t about money. I can’t—”

“You can try. Let’s go.” Jared grabbed my arm and dragged me down the dark alleyway.

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