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New release & excerpt: Chaotic Magic, An Elfhame Academy Short Story

This week I have a new release Chaotic Magic, an Elfhame Academy short story. It’s only 0.99. You can get it here on Amazon and read an excerpt below

Jada McGregor is called the hunter for a reason. She always catches her man, monster…or whatever.

Working for the elven enforcers is ideal for and she’s never failed to do her job. When her boss sends her to Colchester to track down an elven necromancer she gets the shock of her life.

Her sister Jolie is working with him and mixed up in his illegal activities. Jada watches Jared and soon determines he’s the one causing all the chaos in town and monsters are coming through from the nether realm. Plus, he’s bringing people back from the dead – a big no-no in the supernatural world. There’s no telling what he might bring back.

Worse still Jolie doesn’t seem concerned about it. Jada knows unless she does something she could lose her sister forever. When Jared tries opening a portal to the nether realm with Jolie’s help, Jada will be forced between doing her job and saving her sister.




“Jada, we’ve got a new case. We need you to go to Colchester. The file is on your desk,” my boss, Blair, told me as I walked into the Enforcers’ tower. He towered over me with his long blonde hair, pointed ears, and piercing blue eyes.

Not how I’d expected to start my morning.

I slumped down at my desk and glanced at the case file. “A necromancer in the human realm? Are you serious?”

“When have you ever known me to be funny?” Blair arched an eyebrow, then headed off in the opposite direction.

I’d only just been transferred to the Elfhame Academy Island, so I was eager to get stuck into cases. Tracking down bad guys was my speciality. Most of the time I brought in fugitives, but the Elhanan had asked me to join their ranks. My family wouldn’t be happy about that, given the bad blood between them. But that was all water under the bridge to me. I just wanted to catch the bad guys and get away from my family’s infamous reputation. It still struck me as odd at times to be working for the Elhanan. Especially since I was fae, but I did have elf blood.

I scanned the file. The report included energy readings and sightings of monsters.

This should be fun. Hunting monsters was in my blood since my grandad had been an elf slayer — someone who hunted monsters. But I was more witch than elf, so the slayer thing hadn’t passed to me. Unlike my aunt. She had been the last slayer.

I headed into Tech Ops and found my favourite elf tech boy there, Tye. “Hey, Hunter.” He grinned. His long dark hair fell over his dark eyes and his pointed ears held a number of piercings.

They called me hunter because I always got my man or monster.

“Hey, nerd elf. What can you tell me about these readings? They’re all gibberish to me.” I handed him the file. “Can you please tell me what they mean?”

Tye skimmed through the file. “A necromancer? That’s new. Didn’t think anyone went near that kind of magic anymore.”

“Of course they do. They’re just good at hiding it.”

Tye chewed on his lip. “These are some pretty big energy spikes for the human realm.”

“This is Colchester — oldest city in Britain. It’s got parts of the Ever Realm in it. Weird things happen there.” I knew that because I had family there.

“These are pretty high readings and most of it looks like dark energy. Maybe portals, but it’s hard to tell unless I had some first-hand readings.”

“Portals? Interesting. I guess I better get going then. Thanks, nerd.”

“I could go with you if you want.”

I knew Tye had a thing for me, but I didn’t go for younger blokes. Or men I worked with. Things like that just got too messy.

“I can handle things,” I called over my shoulder. “I’ll call you if I need you.”


Heading to the border to reach the portal crossing always made me uneasy. Not the fact I was going to the human realm. Just the crossing itself always felt weird.

Most of Elfhame remained separate from the human realm, but some elves and a couple of places had been dragged there over twenty years ago during The Change. Parts of the fae Ever Realm had been dragged into the human realm during a cataclysmic event. Before that, most supernaturals lived in secret. The Change had exposed fae and elves, so humans knew all about them.

I shoved my ID at the portal guard and her eyebrows rose when she caught sight of my name. “A McGregor, huh?”

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