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Denai Bound Blog Tour: 6 Tips For Writing Paranormal Romance

Tody the tour bus is headed over to Alisha Robinson’s blog again for a guest post. Thanks to Alisha for hosting me again!

Originally published on Alisha Robinson’s Blog

  1. This can seem hard in such a crowded market, but it’s important to be as original as possible. Follow the romance genre rules which I felt was an original concept.
  2. Create a solid mythology. No matter what kind of creatures or paranormal beings you decide to use. Make their mythology believable.
  3. A believable world. World building is an important part of any novel no matter what genre it’s in. Whether use the real world with a supernatural community in it or an alternate world. Make the world seem believable to the reader.
  4. Have a strong heroine. I love the new trend of strong female heroines. Your heroine can be anything from someone who works in a shop to a supernatural hunter. But she needs to be able to challenge and stand up to your hero.
  5. A hero. Most heroes in paranormal romance are dark and brooding but they don’t have to be. Most of them are gorgeous too but again they don’t have to be. Along as there is something good about them and they have a caring side.
  6. A happily ever after. Most paranormal romances have a happily ever after. Usually where the hero and heroine end up together.

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