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Denai Bound Blog Tour: Interview & Excerpt

Today the tour bus is headed over to two different blogs.

First, we headed over to Julia Matthews’ blog for an interview. Check that out here

Next up is an exclusive excerpt

Originally posted on Books That Hook

As she stared at the spell, something tugged at her senses as if someone was calling her name. Cate stood up and glanced around, but there was no one there. Leaves scattered across the path and branches rustled like faint voices behind her but she sensed no presence nearby. Closing the book, she moved out of the circle and onto the path where the whispering came again, louder this time.

Was it just the wind? Or was someone waiting for her?

She clutched the Grimoire tighter and flung her senses out like a net. That was when they struck.

Cate felt an invisible noose tighten around her neck and gasped as it cut off her airway.

Angie, Liza, and Myleene surrounded her, chanting all at once.

Liza held out a glowing stone that lit up like a glowing red beacon. Cate doubled over as pain tore through her entire body and screams echoed through her mind like a thousand knives stabbing through her skull. The amulet was a crude way of overpowering any Denai witch. Her body immobilised by the binding spell and her power overwhelmed by the amulet, they had Cate right where they wanted her.

“I warned you this would happen.” Angie smiled. “You’ve always been a danger to the coven and now even more so.”

Myleene slapped something around her wrist. A black cuff. “It disconnects your bond to Jason. Now he won’t sense anything is wrong.”

She tried to stand up, but her body felt like dead weight and her limbs refused to move. Her magic lay just beyond her grasp.

“Say the spell,” Liza told them.

“I don’t know. It’s tempting to watch a while,” Angie sneered. “The bitch has had this coming for so long. Maybe we should take her to the warehouse and make this a slow, painful death.”

“We can’t. We need to hurry before someone realises she’s gone,” Liza insisted.

Angie pulled out a piece of yellowed parchment and began to chant. Cate closed her eyes, trying to reach her magic through the chaos going through her. She couldn’t make out Angie’s words through the screams but knew they would kill her unless she fought back.

“Make her power mine…” Angie’s voice suddenly echoed through the madness.

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