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Now anyone who has a cat will know that it can be hard to get anything done when you have a feline roaming around demanding all of your attention. If you’re a writer and have a cat this title won’t sound as crazy to you as it might do to other people. I often find it hard to get any work done with these two around. I have two cats and that means double the trouble!

Here are 5 tips for writers with cats and how to stay productive:

  1. Keep treats handing. Treats are a great way of distracting you cat when you’re trying to get some work done. When they’re trying to jump all over your desk, crying for attention or stampeding around the room you’d be surprised what a few treats can do.
  2. Try to work when the cats are sleeping. I get my best work done when my cats are asleep – I imagine it’s similar to having children. Try to work when your feline is a sleep and you have some peace and quiet.
  3. Make sure you backup and save everything. If your cat jumps onto your keyboard you can simply undo any changes they’ve made, but it’s definitely a good idea to backup and save everything you write to be on the safe side.
  4. Take regular breaks. To avoid your cats going completely made, take breaks from your writing and play with them for a while.
  5. Lock-down. If you’ve got a lot of important work to do hide yourself away in a room or a cupboard somewhere your cats can’t get to you.

Here are my two demons – I mean cats.













What tips do you have with working with a cat around?

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  1. Jo ~ Beyond the Lamp Post

    Your demons look so innocent. Maybe because they’re asleep haha! My cat always wants to be off the floor, so he will choose to lie on even a piece of paper rather than directly on the carpet or table. But his preference, of course, is for the piece of paper you’re trying to read.

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