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What To Do After Your Finish Writing A Series

Recently I completed the third and final book in my first series, Excalibar Investigations and I’ve just written three first drafts to the the spin off series. Denai Storm is currently up for preorder, and my Shadow Walker Trilogy is being drafted as we speak and will hopefully go off to my editor in the next couple of months.

Truth be told the nervous feeling I get whenever I completed a book and start preparing it for publication never really goes away. Despite having 8 fiction books and 2 nonfiction books on my publication lists now plus a couple of box sets, my Excalibar series was the very first one that I wrote, with Denai Touch being my very first novel. I’ve literally spent years with the characters from that series and whilst yes, I have written and completed a couple of other series since this one, this series will always hold a special place in my heart.

But now I’ve finished my Excalibar series and the spin off series, I kept wondering, what should I do now?

  • Do I start writing one of my others planned series straight away? I’ve got two other series planned so I can take my pick.
  • Do I just focus on getting my Shadow Walker trilogy up to publication standard and not write any other fiction for a while?
  • Do I write some of the nonfiction books that I’ve got buzzing around in my brain?
  • Or do I just focus more on my business for a while and give the writing a rest?

I by no means have a quiet mind and usually have new story ideas running through my head on a daily basis but I felt a bit numb after finishing both series.

So here’s the questions what do you do when you’ve finished writing your book or series?

Answer: whatever you want!

Every author is different, some can jump straight into a new series – which is what I usually do. Maybe that was because my two other series were short novellas and once they were done I was able to quickly move on.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break between projects. Whatever you do, do what’s best for you.


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