Are you a full-time author or do you have another job as well and if so how do either or these fit in with writing time?

Well, I am an author and full-time father. My son keeps me very busy and I also have the job thing. I would love for writing to be a full-time thing but that is in the reader’s hands.

Do you write your novel daily or do you try to have days off?

I write early in the morning. I usually wake up a couple of hours before work and try to get some writing done.

Do you go back to published books and want to change them in any way?

My earliest book needed some love. Some things were not as understandable as I had thought. Sometimes we take for granted that not all of us have had the same life experiences. This is why beta-readers are so important.

What do you think is the most effective marketing is for your books?

Honesty. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not and try to trick people into clickbait type off of posts or adds.

If you have a ‘baddy’ in your book, can you tell us a little about this character?

My baddy is a vampire that is centuries old and has stalked and tortured a much younger vampire. Since she rejected him, he does whatever he needs to keep her under his thumb… You need to read to find out the fate of the victim.

Is there any romance in your story and if so can you tell us a little about this?

There are a human and vampire that were drawn to each other. The vampire first was compelled to go to where he was in an accident and save him, and later he was pulled into her universe, that was halfway across the world.

If you have to write any fighting scenes, what are your best tips of how you create them?

Imagine it first. I use my background in fighting and use that in my fight scenes. I love throwing knives and that is why in other books a character called Priest feels the way he does in his fight scenes.

Do you ever write sad scenes and do you feel the sadness as you write it?

Sometimes. If the scene doesn’t move you, do you think it would move the readers? I think that is why some parts need to draw from the writer’s emotions. Is our books not a part of us that we share with the world?

Did you write as a child or did you come into your talent as an adult?

I got in trouble in school for a short story I wrote. It wasn’t XXX or anything, but it was an assassin love story. A good ending is the music teacher and librarian read it and told me to ignore the Principal and English teacher.

Can you give us a little insight into any fantasy characters in your latest book?

I am currently writing a book that is a spin-off from the vampire books I have been writing. In these books, the vampires are not written as good characters. Except for a crossover from Vitally.

What is the time period setting of your latest book?

The current and most are based on the present. I have written books based on the 13th century.

Do you prefer to write a series or one-off books?

My one-offs tend to turn into series. I do have a one-off that I am enjoying at the moment. It is based on non-paranormal activities.

Do you like to use lots of subplots or do you think just confuses?

I love a book that has connotative stimulation but I do try to keep things in an order that can be followed.

Can you tell us a little about your protagonist and your antagonist and how they relate to each other?

Gala is trying to keep her Guardian alive. The man who has been haunting her aunt for centuries is sure to kill him when he realizes that a human has formed a bond with a vampire – giving him unusual powers.

How do you think you would feel if you received a really bad review that seemed justified?

I have received these and used them to improve my writing.

Do you think all readers should do reviews to help the writers improve?

If you love a small author, write a review. It is hard for smaller authors to cut through without the reader’s help.

When you receive reviews do you find yourself influenced to make changes?

Sometimes. Some of the reviews are based on personal bias. Not liking certain races, countries, etc are not a reason to rewrite. There are times the review gives helpful information that you take in your next book.

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John a young man from Detroit realizes he has a special bond with a vampire, which gives him special abilities and makes both of them a target; the ancients will stop at nothing to destroy him and his relationship with this unbridled female vampire. Will John’s new found abilities be enough to save her and her coven?


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J.L McFadden is an American author that has an European writing style. He is an advid taveler and linguest that uses alot of his experiences in his fictional novels. He also enjoys sports and takes part in international martial communities. McFadden is a paranormal romance author that has a way of spinning tragic romance into stories that stays with his readers.

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    Thank you so much for the interview. I have to say that I also really like your banner for your book. Looks great.

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    I have been a fan of J.L. for years and find his writings to be both brilliant and exciting. Great job!

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