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Warrior of Elmyra: An Andovia Chronicles Short Story

This week I have a new release, Warrior of Elmyra: An Andovia Chronicles Short Story. It’s available on Amazon for only 0.99.

They escaped one prison, only to find themselves in another…

Kyri and her sister, Domnu, fought hard for their freedom, but it was short lived. Now they answer to the exiled queen of Andovia, trapped once more.

An impossible task…

Called before the queen, the sisters are ordered to find her a dragon or forfeit their lives. Kyri knows she would be no match for a dragon, but she will go to any lengths to protect her sister.

Sailing with the queen’s pirate crew, they set course for the realm of Elmerya to capture a dragon. But pirates can’t be trusted and with danger at every turn, Kyri and Domnu face greater peril than a dragon.

They only have each other… If they succeed in their mission, will the sisters earn their freedom? Or spend the rest of their lives as prisoners?




Kyri trembled as The Bounty docked in Andovia. She didn’t know if it was from the cold air when they reached the surface or because of fear. Maybe both. Being on a ship that could move underneath the waves with a magical air bubble terrified her.

Her sister, Domnu, seemed more angry than anything. They had escaped from Prince Gideon — the man who had bought them at the slave market in Joriam. Being in their old realm felt like a lifetime ago. So much had passed in the last couple of days.

Their foster sister, Nyx, had been accused of murdering Harland, the man who had owned them. Their tribe had sentenced her to death by being burned at the stake.

Domnu, a seer, insisted Nyx had somehow escaped from what she had seen in her vision. She said Nyx had been saved by Gideon’s brother and taken to Andovia. Gideon had intended to take Kyri and Domnu there. Instead, the captain of the ship they had been travelling on had dumped Gideon and his guards in the middle of the sea. Kyri had thought the captain had meant to help them. But he’d claimed them as prisoners for the Queen of Andovia instead.

Kyri didn’t understand what that meant. The Archdruid ruled Andovia, not a queen. Captain Bones had told them that but not much else.

“Who is the Queen of Andovia?” Kyri spoke up. “I thought the Archdruid ruled this realm?”

Domnu shot her a warning look. “Be quiet,” she hissed.

“The Archdruid does rule here. The queen is a long story.” A sprite with purple hair landed on the helm. “The queen ruled this realm a century ago until the Archdruid overthrew her. Now she is in exile.”

“But why does she want us?” Domnu demanded. “We’re slaves, we’re not fit to serve anyone.”

“You’re both magickind with strong gifts. The queen ordered me to bring you to her,” Bones replied in a booming baritone. The big man towered over them, his body all rippling muscle. His dark skin shone like ebony and his dark eyes fixated on them.

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