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Today I have a new release out, Memories Lost. The first book in my new urban fantasy trilogy.


About the book

Life is tough when you don’t know who or what you are

Zoe Finn has no memory of the first ten years of her life and struggles to find out who she is, and where she comes from. While Zoe battles with her inner demons, and against the world, a handsome stranger is going to change the course of her life.

Nick Trevelyan is the last guardian and enforces the law of the council of races – the Circle. Only he can help her find the answers she desperately seeks. While Zoe investigates the deaths of psychics, she is going to discover the dark secrets of her own past. Will she find out about her unusual abilities? And will the cruel world of fey let her know who she really is?


Zoe Finn sat across from the strange old woman, waiting for her to do something as she rubbed her crystal ball. What explanation would this fortune teller come up with? Or would Madame Zelda be a complete quack like so many others? Her reflection stared back at her—a woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She looked out of place next to Madame Zelda with her bright red blouse and rainbow coloured scarf wrapped around her grey hair like a turban.

Zoe glanced around at the coffee coloured walls. A heady smell of incense filled the air and wind chimes jingled. The house didn’t look as retro as some of the psychics she’d visited, where the places had been filled with crystals and other new-age stuff. Not that she minded that kind of thing, but she just wanted to find someone who had some genuine psychic talent – someone who could actually help her. She didn’t like the ones who made a big show of things.

Zelda’s shop had opened a couple of weeks earlier and had proved a novelty, looking an oddity among all the history of Britain’s oldest recorded town. She enjoyed the town’s mix of Tudor style and Victorian buildings mixed with more modern looking places. Zoe had eyed it on her way to work more than once, despite telling herself she wouldn’t go to see any more psychics or so-called mystics.

“What is it that I can help you with, dear?” Madame Zelda asked.

Zoe bit her lip. “This is going to sound crazy.”

“Tell Madam Zelda. There’s nothing too crazy for me.”

Where do I even begin? she thought and said, “I have a problem – I can’t remember the first ten years of my life. No doctor can find any medical reason why I don’t remember who I am or where I came from before I landed in foster care. They say it’s psychological, but every shrink and quack I’ve seen can’t help. I know something bad happened to me almost twenty years ago and I need to know what.” And I have weird powers that doctors would freak over if they saw!

The psychic brow creased. “That isn’t usually the type of problem I solve, but I’ll see what I can find out,” Madame Zelda said. “I will ask the spirits to help me and see what I can find out about your missing past. Sometimes I see glimpses of the past as well as the future.”

“Thank you,” Zoe said and reminded herself not to get her hopes up as she placed a wad of cash onto the table. There was a good chance Zelda wouldn’t see anything. After more than a decade of trying to get answers, she doubted anyone was going to magic them out of thin air.

“I see…” Madame Zelda’s voice echoed. “I see…” Her eyes blurred to an eerie white.

Okay, not a quack. Zoe leaned forward, eager to hear what would come next. A vibration filled the air. The hair on her arms rose, and the wind chimes grew louder as a cool breeze filled the room. At least she’s a real psychic. Maybe she can help.

“Darkness follows you, a presence… protective and deadly,” Zelda said.

Creepy. Zoe shivered, rubbing her arms. Bad things seem to happen no matter where I go. “What kind of presence? What does it want?” She clutched the amethyst pendant around her neck.



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