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My New Blog and a Tale of Two Brands

Now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted much over the last couple of weeks. Well, I’ve actually been setting up a new blog on a different site. Why do you need another blog? You ask. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided to set up a separate blog. I have a non-fiction book coming out soon and this made me think about what author brand more.

I started my author blog a year ago  as a way of building my platform more and having fun whilst writing my books. I had some good comments and feedback about posts I wrote to do with self-publishing, writing and book marketing stuff.

I’ve noticed that those posts and the other stuff to do with my fiction books just don’t really go together. My non-fiction readers won’t be interested in my paranormal romance things to my fiction readers aren’t really interested in my non-fiction subjects.

I know some authors do blog about fiction and non-fiction on one website and it’s definitely easier to have everything all in one place but I want my new blog to be more of a business blog relating to my journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

My new blog will be related to all things writing, self-publishing, blogging and marketing as well as stuff to do with entrepreneurship.

Even though I will be writing under the same name my non-fiction books will be very different from the paranormal romance and urban fantasy that I usually write. Hence my need for creating a separate author brand.

I will still keep blogging on this site and keep you up-to-date with news about my books and posts related to writing stuff. Plus tiffanyshand.com is still my author site and will remain my main hub related  to everything to do with my books.

You can check out my new blog here

Do you need an author brand?

My answer would be: yes. As soon as you start publishing books you need to start thinking a bit about your author brand

What is a brand?

A brand is how people perceive you. It`s the words and images associated with you and your books and the emotions you invoke with them.

Did you struggle with being a fiction and non-fiction author?

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