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Here There Be Dragons by Michelle Garren Flye

Here There Be Dragons by Michelle Garren Flye

Today I’m hosting author, Michelle Garren Flye as part of her blog tour for her new book, Out of Time. Check out her guest post below.

I’ve always loved that phrase “Here There Be Dragons”. Used on old maps to depict a dangerous area that hasn’t been explored yet—perhaps as an explanation for why the cartographer returned without mapping that area. (“There’s dragons there, dude. You expect me to go where there’s dragons?”)

Last year, I ventured into my own unexplored area of dragons. I took a year off. Not from writing but from publishing. My last book, Island Magic, was published in October 2014. I knew I needed to find a new direction for my writing. I love writing romance, but I’ve explored that territory pretty thoroughly. I needed something new. So, like a literary Magellan, I began a trip through my uncharted territory.

It took me a while. A lot of false starts, a lot of wandering, and sometimes I wondered if I’d ever find my creative compass again. The dragons in my uncharted territory are dragons of self-doubt. Fears of the last word, the last book, the last story—those are the fears of every writer. What if this is the last good thing I ever write? What if it’s not even that good? Maybe I’m wasting time I could spend doing something more productive…

Eventually, I made my way through the first part of the dragon-infested wilderness and found the story I wanted to write. It’s a different type of romance using a brand new skill I will be working to perfect for some time. So I’ve set up camp in this dragon-free clearing on my map. There’s a writing desk and a cup of coffee and a laptop here. Every now and then I hear the dragons in the distance, but they won’t come here. I can write in comfort for some time.

Until I start wondering what else is out there, what other treasures the dragons are hiding…

About the Book

30046269Title: Out of Time

Author: Michelle Garren Flye

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, the people of the strange little town of Sanctuary have enjoyed their status as a tourist attraction and Renaissance faire destination for decades. But on her twenty-sixth birthday, Kaelyn Anderson discovers a dark secret about her hometown.

The only reality she’s ever known has proven false. Now, her last hope lies in an unusual alliance with the son of the enemy she didn’t even know she had. Under the protection of Jack, an Elf prince, Kaelyn plunges into Cherokee lore to find the answer that will protect her people from invaders from another world.

Can Kaelyn and Jack form an alliance between three factions to fight their common enemy, or are they out of time?

Author Bio

Flye bio pic 2Michelle Garren Flye is an award-winning author of romance and women’s fiction. Reviewers have described her work as: “an engaging novel with charming and likable characters”, a story that “will make you believe in love and second chances”, and a “well-written and thought-provoking novel.”

Michelle placed third in the Hyperink Romance Writing Contest for her short story “Life After”. Her short stories have been published by the romance anthology Foreign Affairs, Opium.com, SmokelongQuarterly.com and Flashquake.com. She has served on the editorial staffs of Horror Library, Butcher Shop Quartet and Tattered Souls.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the mother of three and lives in North Carolina with her husband and their rapidly growing collection of pets.


Blog: http://michellegflye.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/michellegflye
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellegarrenflye/
Amazon Author Central: amazon.com/author/michellegflye
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-flye-0ab9235

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  1. Michelle Garren Flye

    Hi Tiffany! Thank you for hosting me today! If you have a chance to stop by my blog, please do. We’re partying all day, winding up with a big giveaway of a Kindle Fire to one random commenter.

  2. Tiffany Shand

    You’re welcome. Great, thanks. Where do I have to comment on your blog?

  3. Michelle Garren Flye

    You can comment on any of the MANY posts I’m putting up today. I saw yours from earlier. Thank you for stopping by!

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