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Denai Bound Blog Tour: Author Interview

Today the tour bus is headed over to the Reading Between the Wines Blog for an interview with yours truly! They were kind enough to host me for my blog tour last year and this year asked me for an interview.

Originally posted on the Reading Between the Wines Blog

Lexi: Nothing goes together quite like love and magic. Your first book, Denai Touch, introduced Cate the witch and Jason the elemental. Magic meets love. And you let them get married! Thank you! When you started writing did you know that they would end up married at this point of the story arc? 

No. I always knew that I wanted them to get married but I wasn’t sure in the beginning whether they would end up together at the end of Denai Touch.

Lexi: These two newlyweds have more than the usual learning how to live with each other issues. In your new release, Denai Bound, they move to a new city and get wrapped up in searching for a killer. Do you think extenuating circumstances like that make it easier or more difficult to adjust to married life?

Moving and adjusting to a new city and working with a new case definitely has an impact on their relationship. But in the end I think it brings them closer together and proves that they can get through anything no matter how tough things get.

Lexi: Having some good romance in a book hits the spot. But for me, so does magic. How was the world building different for you when you were writing Denai Bound? 

Writing about a new city and a bunch of new characters was definitely more challenging after I got comfortable with things in book 1, but it was interesting and gave me a chance to explore their world more in this book.

Lexi: It is very exciting to have two books out. Do you have anything on your radar to work on next? Another book in the Excalibar Investigations series?

I am currently working on the first book in a novella series which is different from my Excalibar Investigations Series then I plan on moving into the realm of non-fiction, but have another Excalibar book in the works.

Lexi: Thank you for joining us today, Tiffany. A huge congrats to you on your new release of Denai Bound! 

Check back tomorrow to see where the tour bus is headed next!

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