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Amaranthine Chronicles Blog Tour Day 4: Excerpt From The Final Battle

Next up on today’s blog tour stops are an exclusive excerpt from The Final Battle, book 3 in The Amaranthine Chronicles Series over on Rainne Atkins blog. Thanks to Rainne and also Amber for hosting us today!

Excerpt from The Final Battle originally published on Just Books Blog

Kaylan winced as bright light flashed around her and Elijah. She glanced around and saw that they had reappeared in the great hall of the High Lord’s mansion. Her sister, Freya, glared at them from across the room.
“I think we’re back,” she murmured and shook her head, trying to get rid of the memory of witnessing her parents’ final moments and the shock of discovering Freya had been behind it.
Elijah breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”
Freya staggered, clutching her side as blood dripped down her dress from where a long, silver knife embedded in her abdomen. “Kill them!” she screamed.
Three shifters appeared, advancing towards them, fangs and claws extended.
Kaylan glanced around the room for a possible escape route. To her disappointment, there was no sign of either Geth or Sierra.
Elijah growled, his own fangs and claws emerging as he braced himself for an attack.
They were trapped.
Kaylan reached for magic, but it felt weak and sluggish as she tried to conjure a fireball. Damn Freya for dragging them back in time. It would take a few hours for her powers to recover, since the spell had sucked so much of her energy.
Elijah punched the first shifter that came at them.
Kaylan tried to take flight, but her ability wouldn’t work either. A chandelier sparkled overhead, sending prisms of dancing light over the dark oak floor. Kaylan raised her hand, mustered all the energy she had and hurled a fireball at the ceiling. The chandelier exploded, crashing to the floor and sending crystals and bits of plaster flying. She grabbed Elijah’s arm, dragged him across the hall and out onto the corridor.
“Nicely done,” he murmured.
Two guards, also known as Glistans, stood at the end of the hall. They fired streams of energy towards them.
My powers are too weak for me to fly, she said.
Elijah picked her up, and using his speed, he shot down the corridor.
She clung to him as they blurred. We need to find Geth and Sierra.
We’ll worry about them later. Let’s just get out here, Elijah replied.
No matter which way they turned, guards and shifters came at them from every direction.
Head for the study, Kaylan suggested. Dad always said it was the safest room in the house.
Elijah darted up the stairs, making Kaylan’s head spin from the force of their speed. It felt much more nauseating than flying.
They had almost reached the door to the former High Lord’s study when a male shifter charged towards them.
Elijah gripped Kaylan in a bone-crushing embrace as the shifter slammed them against the wall. He grunted, and Kaylan yelped from the impact. Bits of stone and dust flew down from where their bodies had formed an outline in the brickwork. The air left her lungs in a whoosh as she gasped for breath.
The shifter stared at them; his mop of black hair fell almost his shoulders and his golden glowing eyes fixed on them.
She heard Elijah’s sharp intake of breath. “Michael?” he asked, brow furrowing.
The shifter’s eyes widened and turned to a shade of brown. “Do I – Elijah?” His claws and fangs retracted. “Is it really you?”
Kaylan winced as Elijah set her down but didn’t let go of her. She knew she’d have bruises despite his body shielding hers. “What’s going on?” she asked. “Do you know him?”

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