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I recently read an article by Jane Friedman about authors blogging and something I have wondered myself in the past.

Many authors are told to start a blog when they first start out to start building their brand and establishing their author platform. Even publishers recommend this.

But what the heck are you supposed to blog about?


This is especially hard for fiction authors. They can’t always write posts related to their books or readers would quickly become bored. Even harder if you only have one book to blog about.

When I started blogging two years ago I thought I’d post things related to writing. I simply remember what I lost interest in blogging. Rarely posting even once a month. I kept telling myself I’d give it another go and start again but, of course, I didn’t.

Then in the lead up to publishing my first novel, Denai Touch I started looking into book marketing and realised blogging can be a good way to market your books.

A lot of well-known indie authors such as Hugh Howie, Joanna Penn, and Molly Greene all blog.

So what should authors blog about?

Non-fiction authors can blog about their chosen topic. For example, if they wrote about extreme skiing they could write articles and post content relating to that particular sport. They need to post regular content about their books.

Should authors only blog about their work?

I would have to say no – but this is just my personal opinion. Blogging about your particular book will soon become tiring for you and boring for your readers. You would sue run out both topics to write about even if you covered things such as characters, plots, your writing process, settings, genres etc.

Why do authors blog?

Blogging can be a great way for authors to get more focused and disciplined in the writing process. It can help you find your voice as an author and help you find new things you never thought you would write about.

For example, I never thought I would write anything to do with non-fiction. But after learning a lot over the past year about self-publishing, book marketing, and blogging as I ventured into freelance writing and became an author those are the things I mainly blog about. I even plan on crossing genres and writing a non-fiction book in 2016.

Should authors have separate blogs if they write fiction and non-fiction?

I know that author, Joanna Penn who writes fiction and non-fiction maintains two separate websites for each. But I tried having two separate blogs, the one I write on here and another one on my freelance writing site, but I found it impossible to keep up with both.

Having two separate blogs would be twice the work and would take more time away from you writing your books.

Does blogging sell books?

I don’t think blogging on its own will help you sell books, but I do think that it is a good way of establishing your author platform and helping you to create your fan base.

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4 thoughts on “What should authors blog about?

  1. cassieoxo

    I think the best thing about blogging is that you can really write about anything you choose to! It’s a great outlet! 🙂

  2. Mary, Living a Sunshine Life

    Personally I think blogging is a great way for authors to keep up with their audiences. Great topics I would love to see is behind the scenes of an author’s process, their favorite types of locations to write and why, fun stories from their life that might relate to their writing. I’d love to see authors team up and interview each other, especially if they write in the same genre. I’d love to see authors talk about their favorite books to read. As a fan, I want to get into the author’s life. Sure little tidbits about the books or series are great, and I would eat up those posts, but anything to help me get to know the author, so I can feel more connected, so when that next book comes out I’m even more excited to read it because that author connected with me online. Just yesterday I tagged Janet Evanovich in a tweet about her book…and she LIKED it!!! Just a small click of acknowledgement and I was beside myself, lol. Blogging isn’t just about sharing your life with your readers, it’s about connecting with them on a more personal level. This is just my opinion though 😉

  3. Kristin

    I follow a lot of author blogs, but I do notice that they are not updated often. This is a great post with lots of ideas! My sister in law is an author and she wound up starting a book specifically written for her blog!

  4. tiffanyshand

    Thanks, Kristin! Yeah, I notice that a lot with author blogs too. I like to regularly update mine and don’t post about my books all the time.

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