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Weekly #JournalShare Challenge – Nerves Are Normal

This is a page from my personal journal from March 2015 when I released my first book.

After all the crap I’ve been through with dodgy editors and formatters corrupting my files – it’s almost release day –  and I’m freaking nervous! What if no one likes my book? What if everyone says it’s crap? What if no one bothers to read it?

I love my book, but what if no one else does? Maybe I should just give up and not bother publishing it.

Wow, this weekly journal challenge is definitely stirring up a lot of old emotions for me, but is strangely therapeutic at the same time.

Phew! Just reading this post again brings back the nerves, especially as I’ve got my fourth release coming up this week and yes, I’m still nervous terrified. I always am when I have a new book.

Just sharing this post to show you that it’s normal to be nervous whenever you’re releasing a new book, product or item. But don’t let the nerves get the best of you.

For anyone who wants to join the #JournalShareChallenge you can join here

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