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Well, yesterday’s tour host was a no-show but Denai Touch did have a spotlight on  MCV Egan’s blog, check that out here 

I thought I’d give you a little taster of my novel say here’s the prologue:


Bethany Turner knelt within the spell circle, the wind whipping her long, dark hair and making the flames from surrounding candles flicker wildly. Blood dripped from her palm onto the large pillar candle in front of her.

“Is it working?”

She glared at Colbane, her second-in-command. His nostrils flared at the scent of her blood.

Bethany didn’t like vampires, one of the few Magickind immune to the power of compulsion of a Denai witch. She couldn’t force him like the others in her coven, but he had proven his loyalty.

“Hush! I need to concentrate.”

“I don’t know why you bother. Even if they hear your call, we are nothing to the Covenant.”

“That’s why we need to get back in Raven’s favour again. Now be silent!”

She chanted again, calling her magic. She felt a static charge in the air and the candle flames rose higher as her spell began to take effect.

The wind suddenly picked up and started to roar around them like a tornado; she closed her eyes letting the darkness claim her.

The grounds around her compound faded as she appeared in another place. It took her eyes several moments to adjust to the blackness. “Mistress?” she called out. “It’s Bethany Turner of the Thorn, your loyal servant.”

“Why have you come here?” a cold voice demanded. “You must be desperate, witch.” A short, slim woman with the face of a weasel and short, red hair emerged from the shadows. It wasn’t Raven, the Covenant’s leader, but Tasha Phelps, her right hand.

Bethany hid her annoyance; she loathed Tasha, everyone did. But she dutifully bowed her head in respect, as if she were Raven herself. “I want to serve the Covenant again.”

“Why? You failed last time and Raven is not happy with you. I warned her that you’d outlived your usefulness, but she thought you would succeed. Of course, I was right.” Tasha smirked and her chin jutted out.

“If you would just let me talk to her, I can explain…” She reached forward with one hand.

Tasha glared down at her. “Raven doesn’t want to listen to you whine. You’re lucky you’re only projecting yourself here or I would hit you for your insolence.”

“But – but I’ve seen something. A vision…” Her hand unconsciously went up to touch her forehead.

“Your visions are weak, even for a Denai. You have no real active power.”

At least I have powers, unlike you, Null, she thought.

Something moved in the shadows as a silhouette of smoke appeared. She instantly recognised the feel of another Denai witch. No, surely this couldn’t be Raven?

She’d rarely seen the Mistress of the Covenant in person. How could the most powerful and darkest witch of all time have been reduced to this?

So there was some truth to the rumours after all.

“My lady.” She bowed down low, face touching the floor.

“You were once useful to me, Bethany.”

“I can be again, Dark One. Just give me a chance. Did I not spread plagues throughout the lands at your bidding?” she asked. “I have been loyal for two centuries.”

“Indeed, you once brought me many recruits, but those days have passed. The Covenant is diminishing – my followers are no longer faithful as they once were. Times are changing and the Enforcers do their best to thwart everything we do,” she said with a heavy sigh.

“That’s not true, Mistress. The Covenant can be great again. You will rule the Homelands and the Middle Kingdoms just as you did before.”

“Stop trying to suck up to her!” Tasha snarled. “Don’t listen to her, my love. She only seeks to make herself more powerful.”

The smoke began to take on a more solid form, revealing a woman wearing a long, black velvet dress that covered her from neck to foot. Bethany gasped; some of the hair on Raven’s scalp was burnt away and half her face was covered in hideous scar tissue.

“Look at me!” Raven cried. “I am weakened, my power wanes.”

“Who did this to you, Mistress?”

“Who do you think?” Tasha asked.

“The Goddess Marked? The witch the prophecy speaks of?” Bethany asked, brow furrowing in confusion.

“In the time of great need shall come the chosen one. A daughter of my blood will possess all my gifts and more, shall destroy the dark raven and all evils that threaten clan and coven,” Raven recited the prophecy foretold thousands of years before. “All will know her, for she shall bear my mark.”

“Just because the marked witch has been born and grown up doesn’t mean she will fulfil the prophecy,” Tasha said. “I don’t hold much faith in it.”

“She is powerful!”

“But she hasn’t reached her full power yet, not until she ascends.”

“We must kill her – she’s twenty-eight now. Her ascension draws near, I can sense it,” Raven snapped.

Bethany stood up. “I could…”

Tasha cackled with laughter. “You? Kill the Goddess Marked? Ha! You’re no match for her. She may be young, but she has power and is well protected. You’d never stand a chance.”

“But you could prove useful,” Raven said. “Tasha, why not let the Thorn serve by spreading your new experiment around the city?”

Tasha opened her mouth to protest just as Raven doubled over, clutching her head.

“What is it, my love?” she asked in concern. “Do you need to feed?”

“No. I see – Tasha, I see! My sight is not completely destroyed. The Goddess Marked…”

Images flashed before Raven’s eyes.

Bethany could only imagine what she was seeing. Tasha was right; she had no true active powers of her own. She wasn’t a seer, empath, telepath, healer, conduit or medium as other Denai witches were.

“I see the key to my salvation – the Goddess Marked.” Raven smiled triumphantly and her eyes sparkled. “She can restore me to my former self. Damn the prophecy! I want that witch brought to me. I can use her to find the book and through her I will be restored, then she shall die before she has the chance to ascend.”

“That doesn’t give us much time. If she’s started, we’ll only have a few weeks before it takes place.” Tasha put an arm around her.

“Then gather the Covenant and spread the word among our allies. The Goddess Marked must not ascend!”

Excited yet?

Tomorrow the tour bus is headed over to Carlie Cullen’s blog for a chance to read and exclusive excerpt and I’ll also be taking part in the A-Z blogging challenge along side my tour.

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