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Monday Motivation: 5 Tips To Stay Motivated When You’re Writing

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation post!

When you’re a writer and you’re writing a novel, blog post, article, etc it can be very hard to stay motivated. There often days when you don’t feel like writing anything at all.

So I’ve come up with a few tips to help you stay motivated:

  1. Get motivated. Find something that inspires you or try something different that will get your creative juices flowing.
  2. Create deadlines for yourself and stick to them. Deadlines can really help you stay focused and get things done.
  3. Remove any distractions. It’s easy to become distracted by firing, Facebook or browsing the Internet. Try turning your phone for a while and turning off the Internet as well if possible to minimise the chance of getting distracted.
  4. Commit yourself to writing something every day even if it’s only for a few minutes. This will get you into the habit of writing something regularly.
  5. Try using a writing buddy. Having someone else around to hold you accountable can really help you stay motivated and that way you can inspire each other. if you don’t have a writing buddy, article partner or family member to help you. Motivated

How do you stay motivated when you’re writing?


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  1. Veronica Leirvaag

    Thanks for the good tips 🙂 I get inspired by my photos, especially when I write my blog posts.

    Have a nice evening 🙂

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