Monday Motivation: 5 Tips For Writing

For this week’s Monday Motivation post I decided to share a few writing tips with you that have really helped me with my own writing.

  1. Don’t write linearly. Don’t set out to write something from beginning to end. Books are meant to be read from start to finish, but that doesn’t mean you have to write them that way. Write the ending first if that helps. You’ll be surprised how well this works when things start coming together.
  2. Have two or more projects on the go. I have found doing more than one book keeps things interesting and can sometimes help with preventing the dreaded writer’s block from setting in. If you get bored with one book, you can always work on the other one.
  3. Disconnect. Disconnect from things like the Internet and social media as these all cause endless procrastination and wasted time.
  4. Be your own editor. I’m actually a professional editor myself and I thoroughly enjoy editing other people’s work but I don’t always enjoy editing my own work. You when they today when I really don’t feel like writing anything, switching to editing does help to change things up a bit. By having a clean manuscript when you’re ready to handle work over to someone else means that there’s less work for them to do.
  5. Manage your time well. In today’s busy world it can often be very hard to find the time to sit down and write. The truth is you have to make time to sit down and write. Try setting time aside each day when you sit and write.
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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: 5 Tips For Writing

  1. Allison Arnone

    Good tips! I was writing a post last night and knew how I wanted to END it, so I started there – like you said. I’d also write random notes and ideas towards the bottom that I knew I wanted to incorporate; just wasn’t sure where. Disconnecting is also important; distractions are NOT helpful for the process!

  2. Tiffany Shand

    Glad you found it helpful. Sometimes starting at the end can be a good thing. Yes, distractions are bad!

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