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Today I’m interviewing author Deb McEwan as part of the blog tour for her new book, Beyond Death. check it out below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Originally from South Wales I joined the British Army aged seventeen and have spent more time outside the UK than in it. I left the army after almost thirty-five years. I’m a weather refugee from the cold and am lucky enough to live in Cyprus with my husband.

  1. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next? (For more info visit the above website)

My current WIP is ‘The Netball Girls’. I’ve played netball for ages and this book is about the players who are united by sport and divided by life. They all have their secrets and I’m in serious trouble if any of my netball buddies see themselves in these outrageous characters.

I plan to write book four of both the Afterlife Series, then Unlikely Soldiers and a few more Netball Girls. Like most people, I wish there were thirty-six hours in every day.

  1. When did you start writing, and why?

I’ve always enjoyed stories whether writing or reading and even though I’ve had the urge to write for ages, I didn’t have the confidence to do so. Some time ago I discovered that I didn’t have the gene for a horrendous illness that has plagued my family (Huntington’s disease). That was a turning point, which made me look at life differently and be more adventurous.

I started by writing poems/ditties to go with birthday cards for friends. I progressed onto lyrics and have co-written a number of unpublished songs. My first book was meant to be a children’s song but instead it turned into ‘Reindeer Dreams’, (a story about Barry the reindeer who wants to be in Santa’s team). Once I started I couldn’t stop and instead of being sensible and writing in one particular genre, I decided to go with the stories that were nagging away in my head. As a result I have an eclectic mix of books about soldiers, a dead woman, aliens, a reindeer and a penguin who speaks with a Yorkshire accent.

  1. What is your latest book or series? Any forthcoming books?

My latest published series – currently a trilogy – is ‘Unlikely Soldiers’. It starts in the nineteen seventies and the third book ends in the nineteen eighties. Book four will be based in Hong Kong and London. Although a work of fiction, much of the series is based on my experience in the army.

  1. “Welcome To My Worlds”: Tell us a little about the world of your latest book or series.

While Unlikely Soldiers is (roughly) based on reality, the Afterlife books are pure fantasy set on Earth, Heaven, Hell and Cherussola. Cherussola is a holding area for dead souls. There are two reasons that souls find themselves there. Firstly, they might have erred on earth, but not enough to go to Hell. Secondly, The Committee might have made a mistake or be so overloaded due to unexpected tragedy on Earth, that there are simply too many souls to process. So why Cherussola? It’s an anagram of what I think the dead should be doing while waiting to discover their final destination. Any idea?

  1. Introduce us to some of your characters. What do you like about them?

Big Ed is the main baddy in the Afterlife Series. He is selfish, cruel and doesn’t have a conscience. He is also charming and has considerable charisma, which he uses to entice the innocent, naive, or vulnerable, then bends them to his wishes. There are some dark and disturbing themes in this series and Big Ed is involved in most. I like the fact that he’s cunning and charismatic but dislike the man intensely.

Claire Sylvester is 24 years old and has everything going for her. It’s no secret that she dies early on in ‘Beyond Death’; this is the basis of the whole story. She can’t believe this has happened after the best night of her life and is understandably upset to discover she’ll never marry her beloved Jay. She mourns for the children she will never have, and is gutted that she will never again feel the rain on her face or enjoy a meal with her family. Everything in life that Claire took for granted is now lost to her. She complains that life is so unfair, but then, so is death. Her sadness turns to anger at the injustice. Her death guide (I don’t want to give too much away) forces Claire to calm down and she eventually gets her head around the fact that she is actually dead. I love the fact that she’s determined, funny and very often speaks without thinking.

  1. A fun fact you would like your readers to know about you or your book.

The Afterlife Series was inspired by ants! I was sitting in the garden, chilling after a long walk and wondering what to write next.

I probably should have started book three in my ‘Aliens’ series. Ideas were swirling round in my head but nothing tangible yet. I saw movement on the ground and looked down. An army of ants were going about their business. Some headed in my direction. As one neared my foot I lifted my thumb to squish it, then hesitated as I had a fleeting thought. Looking up to the sky I wondered if anyone up there was poised to ruin the day or life of an innocent human who had taken a wrong turn, or perhaps found themself caught up in one drama or another.

This got me thinking about death, religion, the afterlife and the eternal battle of good versus evil. I left the garden and started writing straight away. And the ant? He or she lived to fight another day. Not so the many others who pushed their luck and moved into the house shortly after. No mercy was shown to this lot.

  1. Blog/site link, and where your book is available.

The Afterlife series is available on Amazon. Here’s the link to ‘Beyond Death’ smarturl.it/nvflvi.  Details of my books and some of my songs are on my website. https://debmcewansbooksandblogs.com

Blog Tour ~ Beyond Death
Author: Deb McEwan
Genre: Supernatural/Suspense
Dates: 22nd of May ~ 2nd of June
Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

Beyond Death

What really happens when we die? Twenty-something Claire Sylvester is about to find out.
The morning after the best night of her life she is taken before her time.
Claire is suspended in her mysterious new world. She watches as the secret lives of those she loves unravels, and sadistic villains are punished on the road to their own personal hell.
All the while a higher authority ponders her ultimate fate.
More than Claire knows depends on her actions and those of the unlikely partner who accompanied her on her journey.
What will be her final destination?
Beyond Death – a supernatural thriller of love and loss, deceit and revenge, with a little romance and humour.


Buy Links:

Amazon.com ~ https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Death-Afterlife-Supernatural-Suspense-ebook/dp/B00KYTR3A2


Author Bio:
Following thirty odd years in the British Army, Deb and her husband Allan decided to become weather refugees and settle in Cyprus.
Throughout her life Deb has dabbled with writing. Her first book was ‘Reindeer Dreams’ – a quirky rhyming Christmas story for children featuring Barry the reindeer and his family. Her first grown-up books about aliens and unearthly spiders could be explained as off the wall. The Afterlife trilogy came next with a few ‘Jason the Penguin’ books in between.
The first book in the current series ‘Unlikely Soldiers’, is set in 1970s Britain, with others to follow through the decades.
Deb now spends her time writing, working part-time, avoiding housework and playing tour guide along with Allan. She tries to keep the pounds off by playing netball and long-distance walking.
Visit her at:

Website: https://debmcewansbooksandblogs.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.mcewan.7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/deb_mcewan
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Deb-McEwan/e/B00LMBED2C


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