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Weekly Journal Challenge – Don’t give up

For this week’s journal challenge post, I’m sharing a page from my own journal.

Here’s a page from my┬ápersonal journal from Feb-March 2015.

Just finally got my novel back my editors after one very long year of waiting – it’s finally over!

After all the hassle I’ve been through with these lousy editors and all the money I’ve spent I finally have my book back and the editing isn’t great. The formatter I hired to format my novel for Kindle has corrupted my files and now I’ve got to start all over again. I feel like just giving up now and not bothering to publish the book! I’ve wasted so much time and money!

That journal entry is from almost two years ago and I still read it sometimes to remind myself that I should never give up. Yes, I had rough road into publication, but I also learnt some valuable lessons from it about publishing and about myself.

And I never will give up!



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Journal Challenge – Don’t give up

  1. Jacqueline

    I like to remind myself that feelings aren’t facts. ????

  2. jiselle

    nice, that’s so true. Tenacity and will!

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