Her people threatened. Her grandmother missing. Her homeland under siege.

Summoned by her long-lost grandmother, Ryn must return to her homeland to save her people who face grave danger. Fearing they have met a horrible fate; she is stunned by what she discovers.

Her grandmother is missing, her tribe worships a so-called god who goes against everything her people believe, and she’s not wanted there. Her desperate search leads her to even more troubling news about her people and what happened to their magic.

To overthrow the so-called god, she’ll must gather allies, but will their efforts be for naught? Will her people be doomed forever?

Forsaken is a stand alone novella set in the world of Rogues of Magic.




Her people enslaved. Her king murdered. One mermaid fights to right wrongs.

Anela is a mermaid on a mission to expose the woman who killed her king, but that’s not the most dangerous part. Bringing down the woman she works for poses its own set of problems, but it’s a route she must take to expose the truth and save her people.

When she witnesses an unspeakable act of depravity, Anela follows her instincts and uses her magic to protect Xander, the lone survivor and current target of Nithandra’s ire. If he refuses her help, he will surely die. Together, they remain in the Undersea and formulate a plan to overthrow the vicious sea goddess, but she won’t go down without a fight.

Are they strong enough to defeat the sea goddess or are they in a battle they can’t win?

On Dangerous Tides is a standalone novella set in the world of Rogues of Magic.



Summoned by her father, the Lord of the Wyverns, Ranelle faces a daunting challenge. She must keep her marriage to a Lykae, their longtime enemies, and their son, a secret, but she may not be able to shield him from the truth for long.

Centuries ago, an Archdruid bound the Wyverns into human form and stripped them of their ability to shift into their true beast forms. Now that very curse threatens the lives of her people. Charged with finding away to break the curse.
With the fate of her race hanging in the balance, the half-Wyvern, half-fae must use her magic and join forces with her husband to save lives. As their quest goes deeper into the strife, their relationship feels the strain. If she can’t stop the curse, she’ll be forced to choose between her people and her family.

Can she save everyone before it’s too late?





Sometimes love isn’t enough to escape your fate.

Freya Goodwin is spending the summer holidays at Ever Light Academy with her boyfriend and their friends after recently graduating. Freya is looking forward to starting a new life with her boyfriend, Lucas. Their families don’t approve of them being together, so they are planning to leave Fae realm and start a new life in the human world.

While staying at the Academy they discover a sealed box in an abandoned part of the castle. Their friends are eager to find out what’s in the box. But Lucas is wary and says they should just get rid of it. An inscription on the box warns that anyone who opens it will receive a tragic fate.

Freya manages to open the box only to discover it contains a dangerous ancient artefact that could change the fate of the fae ever realm. She knows she has to keep away from her friends when danger lurks around the corner, she has no choice but to choose between protecting the artefact or being with Lucas.


The moon can be her salvation or her curse.

Clarissa Greenwood helped her best friend steal a powerful stone artefact from the fae king. Her reward? She had to go on the run to keep the stone safe. But the fae king always gets what he wants and he’ll stop at nothing to do just that.

While on the run, she tries to find the perfect hiding place for the stone. Instead, the king finds her first. Refusing to hand the stone over, Clarissa would rather die than see it in the king’s hands. And that might just cost her everything.




Her life has been filled with secrets. When one is revealed, her world is turned upside down.

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Greenwood is a runner. She and her grandmother have always run away from everywhere they’ve ever been, but she doesn’t know why. For her, it’s just a way of life… until now.
When their high-speed chase ends in a crash, the initial shock is expected. What happens next isn’t.
Everything Mel believes about her life is called into question when her grandmother uses strange magic to transport them from the scene and is met by a new threat.

Stunned by the earth-shattering turn of events, Mel faces an impossible task and must rely on the Guardians for help, but distinguishing friend from foe is a challenge she may not be equipped to handle until she can embrace her magic abilities.

Will she learn to control her abilities and find her grandmother before it’s too late?


Death won’t hold Lily back, or stop her getting revenge.

After Lily Monroe is killed by a rogue portal opening up, she is left with two choices. To move on and find peace on the other side, or stay stuck on earth as a spirit. Neither of these choices work for her. So Lily makes a deal with the Grim Reaper and convinces him to give her third option. To become a banshee and escort souls into the afterlife. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to get her old life back and get revenge on whoever killed her.

To find whoever opened that portal she will have to use all her powers to track down her killer. And she’s only got one chance to do that. On Halloween night when the dead can walk among the living again. Can she find her killer and find out why she died? And will revenge give her everything she hopes for?