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One thing I often get asked when I tell people what genre I write in is, what is paranormal romance? Or, oh you write about ghosts? Er no, most of my books rarely have anything to do with ghosts.

So what is paranormal romance? Most readers of the genre and similar genres will, of course, know what it is but most people don’t. Paranormal Romance is a sub-genre of fantasy and science. Paranormal romance can cover all manner of supernatural beings including vampires, werewolves, witches and almost any creature you can think of. you can even invent your own creatures if you like there is best to base them on similar creatures your readers have already heard of.

I got into writing paranormal romance after I got bored of contemporary fantasy. I like to think of paranormal romance as similar to urban fantasy but usually with romance being the main part of the plot. Usually, most paranormal romance books are a mix of the real world and some out of this world stuff. One or both of the main characters usually of some kind.have a psychic or supernatural ability.

Paranormal romance is different from contemporary romance because it can sometimes be a mix of different genres and darker than a sweet romance but most paranormal romance usually ends in a happily ever after.

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