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When I first started using Twitter, I really didn’t understand it and it certainly took longer for me to figure out than Facebook.


But here’s a list of how Twitter can help you to promote your book:

  1. Know your audience and understand them. Success on Twitter or any marketing effort starts with understanding your target audience. Who are they? Why are there interests? What books do they read?
  2. Once you understand to your audiences, you can make your content to meet their interests and needs.
  3. Share your blog posts. Most writers need a blog nowadays to get noticed and it can prove to be a valuable marketing tool. So every time you write a blog post promoted on Twitter and other social media sites. This will get your blog noticed and drive more traffic to your site.
  4. Repeat your tweets. For every tweet or blog post you write schedule it to tweet again. People aren’t all on Twitter at the same time and this is the best way of getting things noticed. Some people retweet every day or every week. Use tools like Hootsuite to keep track of posts or download a handy Twitter tracking sheet
  5. Use Twitter to track keywords, for example, the title of your book to see what people are saying about it.
  6. Engage with your Twitter followers by thanking them for following you or for retweeting one of your posts.
  7. Share photos and videos. You could reveal your upcoming book cover and this can be a good way of getting your book noticed.
  8. Follow your Twitter followers back and keep track of what they’re doing.
  9. Send a direct message thanking someone for following you on Twitter.
  10. Cross promote your Twitter account with Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  11. TweetDeck is a great way of keeping track of your tweets.
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3 thoughts on “Twitter For Writers

  1. Shela

    Great tips! Definitely helpful! Thanks!!

  2. tiffanyshand


  3. Jessica Fancy

    These are really great tips! I have my biggest following on Twitter.

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