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The pros and cons of vanity publishing

Here is the next post in my series on publishing. I also recommend that you check out my other posts what independent publishing is, the pros and cons of self publishing, should you traditionally publish your book, the pros and cons of traditional publishing and what vanity publishing is for a better overview.

Pros of vanity publishing

  • You usually keep the rights to your work.
  • You get to set your own discount on your book.
  • You have complete control over things such as distribution and price than you would with a traditional publisher.
  • Your cover design will be designed for you for small fee.
  • You’ll get your book on the market a lot sooner than you would with the traditional publisher.
  • Your ISBN will be associated with whatever vanity publisher you choose and you may not have the same stigma that sometimes comes with self-publishing.


Cons of vanity publishing

  • You usually have to pay a lot of money – sometimes more than if you self publish.
  • If you use a well-known vanity publisher, then everyone will know that you only have your book in print because you paid for it.
  • You take all the risk.
  • You might receive little or no help during the publishing process.
  • You sometimes still need to sort out editing, proofreading and cover design.
  • You may never get back what you paid out on your book.
  • Authors who use a vanity publisher rarely ever make enough money to live on from their writing.
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