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Spotlight and exciting excerpt of Red Moon Circle: Human Skin Wolves Book 2 by Julia Matthews

I always like helping other authors out on their blog tours and Julia was kind enough to host me during my recent tour and I was happy to return the favour.


Her new book Red Moon Circle: Human Skin Wolves Book 2 is out exclusively on Kindle 11th May.


Twenty plus years of seclusion has Christian Moon wondering if the sign his father promised would ever come. He had no idea what it would be; he did know why it would come. To free the werewolves, he was destined to lead, from the chaos his brother cursed upon the Indian Moon Area when he took control. Not only would the werewolves be free; he’d be able to gain some revenge for his family’s unnecessary death. Little did he know just how important the sign would truly be to him.


Brandon Blaylock has had enough of being controlled by his family and hiding his true self. When his lover of six years informs him he’s getting married, Brandon decides it’s time he lives his life for himself. Not an easy decision, specially when you’ll be moving all the way to the other side of the country to face a bunch of unknowns.


Disclosure: M/M/M Adult Paranormal Romance, e-book, with BDSM aspects.


<strong>Prerelease Link</strong>


<a href=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VQA75MY”><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VQA75MY</span></a>


<strong><strong>Here’s an exciting excerpt</strong></strong>


Brandon stretched his legs out and watched a dark haired man walk over to the blond, sitting at the table closest to the door. He turned the chair sideways and sat. Few words were exchanged, but their body language told their story. Intense staring didn’t appear to be hampered by background chatter or the soft hissing of another cup of specialized coffee being created. The space between the guy’s knees seemed to welcome home his woman. The woman scooted closer, yet never touched. Lust hung in the air thicker than the late July humidity.


Brandon’s deepest dream was to have someone who leaned in when speaking. Who showed desire without touching and didn’t care if anyone saw. Love and affection openly and freely given was such a stupid dream for a man leading a false life.


<em>Why people thought money provided a smooth sailing life is beyond me. Mine is rockier than a turbulent sea.</em>


“Earth to Brandon.” John waved his hand in front of his face. “Where you at?”


<em>And here is the latest crashing wave. </em>“Right here, waiting for you so we can – – -”


“Can what?” Sarah’s delicate voice cut Brandon off.


“Talk of course.” Brandon shot John a questioning look.


Brandon’s stomach lurched when John shrugged and wrapped an arm around Sarah.


<em>There would never be anything concreted or publicly between them.</em>


He swallowed the rising bile, because public opinion mattered most, according to his father. John said something similar before, too bad he hadn’t listened. He should’ve and prevented John from slamming it home a second time.


Numerous private declaration of love would never outweigh family obligation. Brandon and John were expected to have wives, produce children, and take over their family’s business. He’d disagreed and John had.


<em>Or so I thought. </em>


The last two years of their lives were devoted to their hidden relationship. Then John announced he was getting married and his world fell apart.


“We’ve been trying to set this up for a couple of weeks now.” Sarah grinned and rubbed against John’s side.


Brandon hoped the lack of communication would’ve made his lover change his mind. Looked like that idea took a nosedive off a cliff, with Brandon’s heart along side it. Life wasn’t worth anything without someone beside you.


<em>Fate’s intervention would be nice.</em>


“Sarah has pestered me to death about meeting my best friend.”


Brandon started to cross his arms, but John nailed him with his renowned tight lip, straight-line smile reserved employees who dared think they knew better than him.


“Nice to meet you.” Brandon extended his hand. <em>What a load of crap. If anyone knew about the nights John and I curled up in each other’s arms after a couple rounds of lovemaking, they’d trip over their own laughter.</em>


“Same to you. It’s amazing to put a face with the name.” Sarah elbowed John. “Snuggle Bear talks about you constantly.”


<em>Funny, Snuggle Bear never mentioned you.</em> Brandon thought them exclusive. What had caused his lover to stray? He’d been such a fool to . . .


John reached for his wallet and said, “Sarah dear, how about getting us some drinks.” He handed her a twenty and watched until she reached the counter then faced Brandon. “What the fuck you doing?


“Nothing.” Brandon forced himself to relax and focus on the movement around him.


“You’re acting like a bitch. Stop it before you out us both. Fuck, that’s it. You want to destroy my life.”


The couple from earlier glanced his way as they gathered their trash. Brandon leaned closer and through gritted teeth said, “If you keep shouting, you’re going to draw more attention than I ever could.” Brandon leaned back in his chair, but bit his jaw to maintain a public worthy tone. “What good would destroying your life do? Won’t bring back the last two years of mine. Will it? Nope, only brings more pain.”


“What’s that mean?”


“This is not the place to have this conversation.” Brandon let his eyes roam the room again; glad no one else was focused on them. John had a temper and a half when he was worked up. More than once his father had stepped in and paid people off. There were too many here for him to buy. Looked like he’d have to be the one to rein John in.


“Damn it, tell me.”


<em>Fuck, Lover Thief is coming back and John won’t relax until he get’s his damn answer. If she hadn’t disrupted our lives, he wouldn’t need calming. So not the place for this conversation and I sure as hell don’t want her around for it.</em>


He sighed and said, “Fine, means remembering all those small tokens of affection you left on the six of each month. Why would you remind me of the day we admitted loving each other if you were screwing around? Is she the only . . .


“Here we go,” Sarah sat down a paper drink tray and passed them out as if it was an everyday occurrence for her to walk upon John and him in a heated discussion.


<em>Shit, she was just another money-grubbing woman, who sank fingernails into whatever rich man she could. Time to leave before I explode. </em>


Brandon plastered a fake smile on his face, nodded his thanks, and pushed the drink towards John. “He’ll have to drink mine. I can’t stay. Good luck on your upcoming marriage.”


“Uh, thanks, but you can’t leave yet.” Sarah’s face shined and she nudged John.


<em>What a bitch. How dare her tell me I can’t leave. I will do a hell of a lot more if I sit here and chat with my ex-lover’s fiancé.</em>


“We want you to help pick the tuxes you and Snuggle Bear will wear.” Sarah rubbed John’s shoulder. “Snuggle Bear says you hate wearing them.”


Brandon shifted wide eyes toward John. John’s tiny smile let Brandon know Sarah hadn’t been joking. The skin around Brandon’s fingers tightened as his fingernails dug into his palm. His waist twisted and . . .


<em>Who deserves the sting of my blow? John? Sarah? Lord forbid, I couldn’t hit a woman. Hell, I couldn’t hit anyone. Maybe the wall or table should bare the brunt of my rage.</em>


Brandon quirked his eyebrow, which didn’t seem to phase Sarah, but he knew a blatant disregard when he saw one. <em>You truly are a dimwitted, movie-style blonde.</em>


“I want an idea of color and theme from each member of the wedding party.”


<em>Okay, she’s insane on top of everything else. Why in the hell did she think I’d participate in planning John’s wedding? No fucking chance. Not happening while I’m breathing. I will not remain in the same town while John settles down and has his perfect, little pretend life.</em>


<strong>Julia says what gave her the story creative spark:</strong>


The Red Moon Circle came to me while I was teaching myself how to work my Samsung Tablet camera. I’d snapped a photo of the night sky, but when checked the photo there was this huge red ring around the moon. Street lights can be a blessing in many more ways than safety. The picture sparked my creativity and the rest is as you say history, or in this case an amazing read.


<strong><strong>About Julia</strong></strong>


Julia Matthews is a family oriented person, more so since it’s only her and her parents. Oh, can’t forget the Bandit, a fiery, over energized Shih Tzu and the old, lazy toy poodle, Sandy. Julia spends most of her days sitting in front of the computer, creating new stories, revising, and editing her next release.


<strong><strong>Julia’s Interesting Fact about Red Moon Circle</strong></strong>


Favorite character in Red Moon Circle is Brandon, a man who has determination to be his own person, no matter what is thrown his way.


Favorite scene is Brandon’s reaction to Christian and Don argument.


<strong>Where to find Julia and how to contact her</strong>


<span lang=”EN-US”><a href=”http://www.juliamatthews.webs.com/”><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><span style=”color: #0000ff; font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: medium;”>www.juliamatthews.webs.com</span></span></a></span>


<span lang=”EN-US”><a href=”mailto:julia.matthews5@gmail.com”><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><span style=”color: #0000ff; font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: medium;”>julia.matthews5@gmail.com</span></span></a></span>


<span lang=”EN-US”><a href=”http://juliamatthewsauthor.blogspot.com/”><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><span style=”color: #0000ff; font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: medium;”>http://juliamatthewsauthor.blogspot.com</span></span></a></span>


Tomorrow I’ll also be interviewing Julia so check back for more!

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