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New release: Memories Found + Excerpt

Today is release day for Memories Found, book 3 of the Fey Guardian Series.

About the book

The future is unwritten.

Now on the run after being framed and nearly executed by the Circle, Zoe Finn must find her forgotten memories or die trying. A witch’s spell removes the curse that’s afflicted Zoe for so long, leading to her waking up on a strange island.

But it’s no deserted paradise. The Circle is still out for her blood, and the island’s terrain is vast and unfamiliar. The inhabitants are complete strangers, with the line between friends and foes blurred and broken.

Nick Trevelyan, her partner – in more ways than one – searches high and low for her. But more trouble is on the horizon. A demonic force even more dangerous than the dark fey lies in wait. Nick is determined to rescue Zoe, but the truth may be too much for her. Zoe’s forgotten memories may be more than she bargained for… but it’s a price she must pay.


Zoe Finn collapsed onto the ground, breathing hard as the blinding white light surrounding her faded away. She looked down, surprised to find soft sand underneath her hands along with jagged stones that cut into her palms. She quickly brushed off the sand and scrambled to her feet, jumping in fright as seagulls cried loudly overhead. The sun had just started to rise in the sky like a great orange ball peeking through a blanket of clouds.

A blanket of dull, grey ocean stretched around her. A desolate beach and clifftop spread out behind her. She shivered as the wind whipped against her.

Where the hell am I? she wondered. Am I on an island? This place looked nothing like the picturesque Mersea Island she often visited with her partner, Nick. Christ, where is Nick? How did I end up here all alone?

Sabine’s spell was supposed to reverse the curse that had hidden Zoe’s childhood memories and true identity, not send her here. Zoe glanced down at her hands and noticed her cuts had started to heal. The blood stopped flowing and pink scars appeared. Even now, the curse prevailed, still protecting her from physical harm.

Where the hell had Sabine’s spell brought her? Zoe hugged herself and felt the sea breeze bite through her thin pyjamas. Why didn’t I have the sense to change into proper clothes?

Then again, there hadn’t been any time. After being dragged out of bed by the Circle’s guards, she’d been imprisoned and almost executed by the Circle itself.

For a moment, she thought she had died. As luck would have it, it had only been a ruse by Raf and Sabine, two of the Circle’s leaders, to help her escape. Before casting the spell, Sabine told her that it would restore her lost memories but could have unforeseen consequences too. Even so, landing on an island in the middle of god-knows-where hadn’t been something she’d anticipated. The spell should’ve at least undone the curse. Even if it had backfired, she had no idea why it would take her somewhere else.

Maybe the spell didn’t work, and I’ve ended up in some kind of Hell. She stumbled along the uneven ground, glad she at least had shoes on.

Most islands were inhabited nowadays, and this place looked large enough to house a few thousand people.

Step one was to find someone on this island that could help her. Ideally, someone with a phone who could speak English. Could the spell have transported her to another part of the world? She guessed anything was possible.

Zoe tried casting her senses to both scan the area for any potential signs of life and to get a clue about where she might be. Static charged across her mind, making her head throb. Okay, my senses are out. Do my other powers work?

She blurred, using her speed to reach the other side of the beach, and then carried on walking.

Nick? she called. Nick, can you hear me? Sabine? Raf?

No answer came.

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