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New release & excerpt: Dangerous Magic, An Elfhame Academy Short Story

This week I have a new release Dangerous Magic, an Elfhame Academy short story. It’s only 0.99. You can get it here on Amazon and read an excerpt below.


She hunts for others. Others don’t hunt her… until now.

Jada is used to doing good deeds, but after saving her sister from a prison sentence, she’s spent. All she wants is to go back to her normal life, but there’s a problem.

Jared, the necromancer, is dead and people want answers.

The McGregor family aren’t the type of people who forgive and forget. Neither are Jada’s bosses. They have a few questions for her, too. But unfortunately, providing answers isn’t the most pressing issue right now.

Jada’s cousin, Olivia, has gone missing. Jada has to help, but how can she help when her sister is involved?



“Jada, we want you to go and investigate the Ryland case again,” my boss told me.

I cringed at the name Ryland. As in Jared Ryland. The elf necromancer had been murdered, and I had partially covered up his case due to my sister and cousin’s involvement with him.

It had been over a month since the murder and I thought the case had been closed. They’d arrested Lucy Grey for the murder.

“The case is closed.” I stared at Blair in disbelief as he stepped into the bullpen where me and the other fae trackers had their desks.

Since this case, I’d been transferred back to the fae trackers and no longer worked with the Elhanan. The elves and fae had argued so much over the case the Elhanan let me go. In some ways, I’d been glad. It had been hard keeping everything a secret. I felt guilty too. But I had more access to the case being with them. Even so, I thought the case had been opened and closed. I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

“It was, but your cousin is still missing, and your family is demanding answers.”

I winced. The murder might have been wrapped up, but its after-effects hadn’t ended when Lucy was arrested.

My aunt had become involved in the case and Lucy had escaped custody for a while. My cousins went to retrieve her, and an explosion had gone off in Jared’s warehouse. Liv had disappeared in the aftermath and was missing. Presumed dead — or so the Elhanan stated. I knew Liv. As the daughter of a slayer, I doubted an explosion would have taken her down so easily.

Liv’s involvement had come out after that, but I’d kept Jolie’s name out of the investigation at least.

“But I can’t investigate my own family, can I?”

That didn’t sound ethical.

“In this instance, yes. You’re the one who’s dealt with this case the most. The fae queen wants proof of Olivia’s death before she and the king will declare your cousin dead.”

I sighed. When did the king and queen get involved? My aunt had a lot more sway than I’d expected.

“Here are the case files.” Blair put a large stack of files on my desk. “You’ve got a week to get evidence.”

“A week? How the hell can I solve this in a week?”

“You’d better or else the queen and the Elhanan might pardon Lucy Grey.”

“Wait, what? How can she receive a pardon?” The elves never pardoned anyone — not unless they had substantial evidence to do so. Showing mercy wasn’t in their nature.

“A PI has been digging around and is campaigning to get Lucy released.”

“So much for an open and shut case. Guess I better check with my aunt too.”

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