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Today’s release day for latest book Chosen Avatar book 1 of the Arkadia Saga

Love lasts a lifetime… or several.

In the ancient city of Arkadia, Ella Noran and her team are on the hunt for artefacts and to discover the truth about the city’s destruction long ago. When Ella stumbles upon a buried gateway, she unleashes the Esrac, a vampire species that nearly wiped out the Ancients.
But this isn’t the first time that Ella’s dealt with the Esrac. She’s just living the latest reincarnation of her life, one that’s tied directly to the destruction of the Ancients a thousand years ago. While she’s been trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend Luc, a member of the Valan knights sworn to fight the Esrac, she doesn’t realise that they’ve lived countless lives together since the Ancients existed.

Meanwhile, Ella’s magic-wielding ability defies the sworn laws of the Republic. If she’s discovered, she’ll be put to death. But when your whole life is just a series of rebirths… death is just another chance at love.

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