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New release and excerpt: Guardian of the Varden

I have a new release this week called Guardian of the Varden, which is an epic fantasy short story set in the world of my Andovia Chronicles. You can get the story on Amazon.


Velestra sensed the presence of intruders within Varden Forest. Some strangers had entered the forest without permission. She’d better find out who it was. She grabbed her staff weapon and mounted her horse, Lightning. She couldn’t believe someone had dared to enter so close to the Varden’s home without invitation. They hadn’t had any trouble from the Archdruid or anyone else for a while, and she planned on keeping it that way.

Who would dare to come here? Why would they come here again? To get to the old city? No one had tried going near that in years. But deep down, she always knew it would happen again at some point.

Velestra prayed it wasn’t the Archdruid’s forces. He had tried attacking the city several times over the last century after being forced out. During that time, the city shield held strong and prevented anyone from going into the abandoned city anymore.

She urged Lightning onward, and they raced through the forest.

One of the pixies darted out of a tree and flew along with her. Aviva, the pixie, sparkled like a glowing orb. Her long blue hair and pointed ears were almost invisible from the sheer sheen of her gossamer wings.

“Aviva, fly ahead. Find out who is here,” Velestra told her and urged Lightning to move forward.

Aviva nodded and flew off, leaving a trail of pixie dust in her wake.

Velestra wondered if she should have flown herself. The Varden protected the old city. It was their sacred duty to guard it and defend the lands that once belonged to the true Queen of Andovia. It was a miracle the Archdruid hadn’t destroyed the entire realm by now. This was a small part of the realm that had been left intact.

Legend said their queen would one day return to them. A century had passed since her death. Velestra wondered if it was true sometimes. Even if it weren’t, she wouldn’t let anyone lay waste to their home again. One day, they would get back into the old city and reclaim it. She believed that much, at least.

Branches whacked against her head and against Lightning’s flanks, but she ignored them. She kept on the narrow path because it was the fastest route. She pushed her long brown hair off her face and folded her purple wings on her back.

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